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Perfecting the fashion pop-up means embracing big ideas: How a playful approach to temporary spaces can drive business growth

24 October 2018 by Alice Ratcliffe, Appear Here

In a world where more and more people are looking to spend their money on experiences over products, physical retail has become an important way for brands to build emotional connections with their fans. Particularly through pop-ups, which give brands the flexibility to be more specific in where, when and how they attract an audience and therefore become a far more effective way to grow the business over bombarding the masses with generic campaigns.

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An introduction to the speakers at LDC's 18th Retail and Leisure Trends Summit

24 October 2018 by Sarah Phillips

LDC's 18th Retail and Leisure Trends Summit will take place on 8th November and is kindly hosted by BCLP LLP at their offices at London Bridge. This summit, the theme is 'Driving retail intelligence with big data' and we have some excellent speakers confirmed joining us to and speak on this topic. 

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Sitting pretty – the rise of beauty retailing in the UK

17 October 2018 by Lizzie Bollada

With the rise of social media and an increasing focus on one’s health and wellbeing, the beauty industry in the UK has recently taken centre stage in consumers’ minds. The beauty industry in the UK is currently worth £2.8 billion (Source: The Guardian) and is predicted to rise steeply to £27 billion by 2020 (Source: The Times). We wanted to understand what this lucrative market looks like today in order to identify the opportunities which will facilitate the increased value of this market.

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LDC's Ronald Nyakairu on the re-occupation of high street banks on Radio 4's You & Yours

16 October 2018 by Sarah Phillips

Senior Insight Analyst Ronald Nyakairu was invited to speak on Radio 4's You & Yours this week to discuss the loss of high street banks in the UK and the impact that these closures are having on the surrounding retail landscape.

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[Infographic] The Fashion Report

11 October 2018 by Sarah Phillips

Last month, we released a report detailing the long-term and short-term trends across the fashion landscape in the UK. For those that didn't have time to read the full report, we have produced an infographic of the key details you need to know from the report. The complete report can be downloaded free of charge here

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Innovation in fashion: what to take on board to make sure you don’t get left behind

09 October 2018 by Springwise Editorial Team

Fashion, almost by definition, is a fluctuating industry. Trends rise and fall, and the successful brands are those that identify spaces for growth ahead of the competition. At Springwise, we pride ourselves on delivering cutting edge insight to help our clients drive positive, sustainable change. Based on our experience tracking disruption and curating innovations from all over the world, we offer here our expertise on how fashion retail can incorporate innovation to the benefit of both company and customer.

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The Posh Nosh Review – where are the best places to eat out?

03 October 2018 by Sarah Phillips

At LDC, we track occupancy trends of over 27,000 restaurants across GB, so it is fair to say the Great British people love a meal out. We classify around 70 different categories of restaurant, including 237 African restaurants, 6 German and 603 Turkish, which shows how this county has embraced many varied (and equally delicious) cuisine types. Through the richness of our data, we are able to deduce many different things about the restaurant market in the UK, so with the help of the LDC analysts, I’m going to review the best places in Britain to go if you fancy a night off from cooking.

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Is ‘the death of the high street’ a myth?

26 September 2018 by Louis Farquharson

Now that I found myself almost five months into my new role at LDC, it feels like a good time to write my first blog. And it seems that most appropriate topic to discuss would be the state of Great Britain’s high streets. As I am relatively new to the industry, I hope my fresh, and perhaps optimistic viewpoint coupled with LDC’s accurate and granular data on the retail market will offer some interesting and thought-provoking ideas.

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United Plates of America: A review of the Tex-Mex market in the UK.

19 September 2018 by Katie Flanigan

This week, we continue our American food series with the Tex-Mex genre. Tex-Mex is a relatively new cuisine for the UK, so using LDC data, I'm going to look at how this market has evolved and the brands that are leading the pack. 

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IKEA gets a new home at Tottenham Court Road

14 September 2018 by Lizzie Bollada

IKEA, the Swedish furniture retailer is commonly known for three things: argument-inducing flat pack furniture, Swedish meatballs with some rather questionable ingredients and its large out-of-town showrooms where customers can immerse themselves in the possible and walk through well put together kitchens, bedrooms and nurseries. It is this last point which is of interest to LDC, as IKEA is (for the very first time) opening an in town location. Using LDC data I am going to look at their selection of Tottenham Court road for this new site.

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