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The Posh Nosh Review – where are the best places to eat out?

03 October 2018 by Sarah Phillips

At LDC, we track occupancy trends of over 27,000 restaurants across GB, so it is fair to say the Great British people love a meal out. We classify around 70 different categories of restaurant, including 237 African restaurants, 6 German and 603 Turkish, which shows how this county has embraced many varied (and equally delicious) cuisine types. Through the richness of our data, we are able to deduce many different things about the restaurant market in the UK, so with the help of the LDC analysts, I’m going to review the best places in Britain to go if you fancy a night off from cooking.

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Is ‘the death of the high street’ a myth?

26 September 2018 by Louis Farquharson

Now that I found myself almost five months into my new role at LDC, it feels like a good time to write my first blog. And it seems that most appropriate topic to discuss would be the state of Great Britain’s high streets. As I am relatively new to the industry, I hope my fresh, and perhaps optimistic viewpoint coupled with LDC’s accurate and granular data on the retail market will offer some interesting and thought-provoking ideas.

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United Plates of America: A review of the Tex-Mex market in the UK.

19 September 2018 by Katie Flanigan

This week, we continue our American food series with the Tex-Mex genre. Tex-Mex is a relatively new cuisine for the UK, so using LDC data, I'm going to look at how this market has evolved and the brands that are leading the pack. 

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IKEA gets a new home at Tottenham Court Road

14 September 2018 by Lizzie Bollada

IKEA, the Swedish furniture retailer is commonly known for three things: argument-inducing flat pack furniture, Swedish meatballs with some rather questionable ingredients and its large out-of-town showrooms where customers can immerse themselves in the possible and walk through well put together kitchens, bedrooms and nurseries. It is this last point which is of interest to LDC, as IKEA is (for the very first time) opening an in town location. Using LDC data I am going to look at their selection of Tottenham Court road for this new site.

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LDC's latest report on the fashion sector is out now!

13 September 2018 by Sarah Phillips

To mark the start of London fashion week, we have just released our latest focused report on the fashion sector. Fashion is a market which has experienced unprecedented change over the past few years and months. The aim of this  report was to review the fashion sector in an objective and independent way using LDC data to understand and quantify the challenges faced by retailers. As with all of our reports, we are sharing this research free of charge so that we can support retailers to future-proof their businesses through knowledge, insight and data. Access the report here.

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August 2018 finally puts paid to the stereotype of bland British cuisine (or cucumber sandwiches if you are posh), the British food revolution continues…

05 September 2018 by Katie Shaw

August was the month where we finally had some respite from the heatwave that shocked the nation for a good eight weeks. Whilst the countryside was grateful for the rain, our team of field researchers were not! However, even though many were on holiday, the evolution of the UK retail landscape never takes a break. So, if you missed it, here are our market highlights from August.

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Latest LDC research on the status of the BHS estate reveals over half still lie empty two years after the final closure

29 August 2018 by Sarah Phillips

The 28th August marked the two year anniversary of the final closure of high street stalwart BHS after 88 years of trading. Even though two years has passed, BHS is still a relevant topic for many, as the stores often occupied sizable units in prominent locations and acted as the anchor for many towns and cities. So, two years on, how many of these units have been re-occupied? Who is the retailer who has taken most of the stores? What is happening to these large-format stores? The latest LDC data, analysed by Senior Insight Analyst Ronald Nyakairu tells us everything we need to know about the estate today.

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What impact has the demise of Toys R Us had on the toy shop market?

15 August 2018 by Lizzie Bollada

The UK toy industry generates approximately £2 billion in revenue annually (Source: IBIS World). There are currently 1,079 toy stores in operation across the country, many of which I’m sure have seen a recent surge in sales as parents look to buy items to keep children entertained for the long stretch of the summer holidays. There are currently four main players in this market, these being The Entertainer, The Early Learning Centre, Toymaster and Smyths. Of the 1,079, these top four make up 433 of the total (40%) and then another 42% are independent shops. Openings and closures across these four companies have been relatively stable in the past 12 months, with any closures representing less than 5%. 

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Up for sale - the Hammerson retail park portfolio

07 August 2018 by Ronald Nyakairu

In July’s half year results Hammerson announced a change in strategy to shift focus more on their premium outlet and shopping centre schemes. To allow for this focus, they are expected to dispose of their retail park portfolio, selling off their 14 retail parks, the largest being the Central Retail Park in Falkirk and the smallest the Brent South Shopping Park in North London. With this news, I am going to use LDC data to understand the portfolio’s strengths and weaknesses as well as any potential opportunities for prospective buyers. My analysis will look at the occupancy rates across the portfolio, the LDC Health Index rating and the occupier covenants based on their historical openings and closures and the performance of their respective categories.

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Day-time vs night-time footfall flows - understanding changes in the 'night owl' economy.

01 August 2018 by Chris Fowler

As LDC’s network of footfall sensors continues to grow, it’s revealing ever more interesting and actionable insights about how our towns are used – especially in these turbulent times of change in both the retail environment and weather extremes, which have both had a strong influence in recent months.

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