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Local Data Online: Real time market data at the click of a button
Date published: Date modified: 2023-08-16

At the Local Data Company, we have been collecting data on Britain’s retail locations since 2003, producing detailed and accurate insights into the changing physical retail market. Our field research team physically audits every location across GB on a bi-annual basis to capture up-to-date information on a range of metrics. This work has resulted in 10 years of insight into activity across 700,000 retail and leisure units.

This data is what lies at the heart of our online insights platform - Local Data Online.

Via a range of dashboards, users can filter searches to access data that they need immediately. Dynamic mapping across the tool provides intelligent and flexible location analysis, which can be drilled down to micro geographies. Users can search by store category to understand sector-specific trends across regions or location types. Downloadable reports provide in-depth analysis of locations and sectors which can be taken offline, saving time and resource.


Occupier, Location Overview, and Investor Dashboards in Local Data Online


We asked our clients what features they valued the most and made their working lives easier. Below are the top features which came up again and again:

Competitor Tracking

Access information on the live portfolio of any brand across GB and gain insight on locations in which they have expanded and contracted. LDO can provide a visual comparison of the health of a portfolio against your own performance and can identify any early opportunities and risks for your brand.


Portfolio Analysis

Track the health of your portfolio locations and identify activity in the surrounding provision to highlight potential risks and opportunities. 10 years of data on locations is fed into the tool, with fresh data added each day, providing a comprehensive historical view, alongside a live feed of activity.

Macro-level trends

GB-wide data is available within LDO, providing insights on macro, market-wide trends as they happen. Top-level data on metrics such as vacancy rates and openings and closures provide a barometer of market health, alongside sector-level trends and regional performance which can be used for benchmarking or market tracking projects.

Bespoke boundary drawing

The flexibility built within the platform allows users to draw bespoke boundaries around any geography to provide deep analysis of exact locations of interest.


Via LDO, we provide accurate data and insights to our clients across a 10-year period for over 3,800 GB locations, thousands of brands, and over 400k independent businesses.

Please get in touch with us at to understand more about Local Data Online and how it can support your specific business objectives.


Sam Mercado, LDC Marketing Executive

Sam Mercado, LDC Marketing Executive The Local Data Company 901 901

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