Our market-leading data is used by the UK’s biggest names across retail, leisure, property, investment and media. We have been collecting retail and leisure location data for 10 years and our reputation for accurate and granular data has grown exponentially over this time.

The only source of real-time location data

We are the only business that employs a team of field researchers to regularly audit the occupancy and vacancy of every unit across GB. Every day, data from our field researchers is sent back to the office via our proprietary tech infrastructure for validation and is uploaded into our database. This means that our data provides as close to a real-time view of the market as possible.

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Ways our data can be accessed:

  • Excel file
  • CSV
  • Via the API
  • Within bespoke reporting and analysis
  • Via secure FTP

Quality control cycle

We operate both a field team and an office-based research team which verify over 80k new records a month. Our diligent quality control process ensures all data meets our high standards for accuracy.


200 Field Researchers

Our field team has grown extensively and we now have a large team of highly skilled researchers spread across the country.


Extensive Coverage Across GB

Every high street, shopping centre and retail park is visited on a 6 or 12 month cycle


70 Data Points for Every Premises


  • Brand name
  • Address
  • Geocode
  • Opening hours


Daily data uploads

Field data is uploaded to LDC’s secure server every day, ready for quality control.


Rigorous quality control

All data is checked by our quality control team through a range of rigorous processes including manual data reviews, spot-checking, and using technology to check for data anomalies.


Real-time data

Over 80k updates are made each month to our database of 680k retail and leisure premises. We have been adding to this database for 10 years and now hold 1.6 million unique data records.

Data Dictionary

  • The following data is available for over 680k units across Great Britain (Excludes NI)
  • We hold data on 1.6 million live and historical occupiers
  • Exports can be updated at any frequency; monthly, quarterly, or yearly
  • Data covers over 3,000 town centres, retail parks, shopping centres, airports, transport hubs, local shopping parades and standalone units
  • Data is organised into 489 retail and leisure store subcategories 
  • Data contains accurate geocode and address details to enable embedding into GIS tools
Field name Description Type Example
b_ID Unique business identifier integer 13565946
b_NameFull Business name string Dee Fine Arts
ad_Building_Unit Address: unit number string 4a
ad_Building_floor Address: floor string Basement
ad_Building Address: building name string Holland Park Underground Station
ad_shop_centre Name of shopping centre (only if business is located within a shopping centre) string Southernwood Retail Park
ad_StreetNumber Address: full street number string 180-182
ad_Street Address: street name string Gray's Inn Road
ad_Zip Address: postcode string WN7 5DW
area_name Address: area name string Yate
ad_county Address: county name string Greater London
cat_ID1 Unique identifier of category integer 93
cat_Name1 Category name string Coffee Shops
cat_ID2 Unique identifier of subcategory integer 1263
cat_Name2 Subcategory name string Arts & Crafts
b_multipleID Unique multiple business identifier. integer 0
b_multipleName Multiple business name string NatWest
b_HoldingCompany Name of holding company (applicable for multiple businesses only) string Handy Andy Carwash Limited
PremiseId Unique premise identifier integer 52660177
status_Date_Opened Date current business was recorded as occupier of unit date 2016-08-30 00:00:00.000
status_Date_Closed Date current business was recorded as having vacated the unit date 2011-11-10 00:00:00.000
geocode_latitude Latitude geopoint generated by Codepoint float 54.95054
geocode_longitude Longitude geopoint generated by Codepoint float -0.02618
ad_shop_centre_id Unique identifier for shopping centre (only if business located within shopping centre) integer 12145738
bus_telephone Telephone number string +44 (0) 141 424 1879
website_name Website string http://www.efmedispa.com
cat_SIC_ID Unique identifier of SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) integer 95220
cat_SIC Name of SIC string Credit granting by non-deposit taking finance houses and other specialist consumer credit grantors
survey_date Most recent research date (field or office) date 2019-05-02 15:44:50.000
region Most recent research date (field or office) date 02/05/2019 15:44:50
PremiseCreateDate Premise creation date date 2011-09-12 13:56:46.000
CareOfID Unique identifier of the master business (only if record is a concession or ShopWithinShop) integer 12757661
CareOf Name of the master business (only if record is a concession or ShopWithinShop) string Park's Dacia
PremiseStatus Current status of the premise string Live
status_business Current status of the business string Live
opening_times Opening times throughout the week string/date Monday 08:30 - 17:30, Tuesday 08:30 - 17:30
business_rate Business rates charged on the property (£) float 0
floorspace Floor space total area (square metres) integer 8181
isTemporarilyClosed Flag to identify those temporarily closed due to COVID-19 binary 0/1
Image Link to image of fascia string http://ldo.localdataimages.com/RAW_WM/2356/23563278.jpg
ad_StreetLetter Address street letter from string a
ad_StreetLetter2 Address street letter to string a
ad_StreetNo Address street number from integer 1223
ad_StreetNo2 Address street number to integer 204
borough_county Address borough/county based on postcode string Isle of Anglesey
transport_name Name of nearest public transport station string Wood Green
transport_carrier Name of nearest public transport carrier string National Railway
export_description Business description string Nicolls & Barnes Estate Agents sell properties in the Southport area.
feature_names Comma-separated list of all business features string Vegetarian dishes
feature_price Average menu price (applicable to restaurants only) integer 10.99
feature_cuisine Cuisine type (e.g. Traditional British) (applicable to restaurants only) string Chinese
feature_atm ATM feature identifier binary 1
geocode_easting Codepoint geocode easting integer 340489
geocode_northing Codepoint geocode northing integer 180692
office_latitude LDC derived geocode latitude float 51.48234
office_longitude LDC derived geocode longitude float -0.19992
EastingOffice LDC derived geocode easting float 285182.81
NorthingOffice LDC derived geocode northing integer 177468
FrLastVerifiedDate Last date record verified in the field date 2019-12-03 12:24:37.000
OrLastVerifiedDate Last date record verified in the office date 2019-02-19 09:03:40.000
IsFieldResearched The record currently falls into a field researched area binary 0/1
bureau_de_change Bureau de Change service identifier binary 0/1
pawnbrokers Pawnbroker service identifier binary 0/1
money_gram Money Gram service identifier binary 0/1
money_transfer Money Transfer feature identifier binary 0/1
payday_lender Payday Lender feature identifier binary 0/1
ria Ria service identifier binary 0/1
western_union Western Union service identifier binary 0/1
other_msb Other Money Service Bureau service identifier binary 0/1
  • Data is taken from branded supermarkets and convenience chains
  • Data is available on over 4,000 branded products
  • Data is split into 171 subcategories across 14 product categories
  • Weekly data collection and comparative basket checks are undertaken
  • Data checks on promotional pricing and seasonal items is completed on request
  • Historical data is available on product selections
ref Unique identifier for product integer 10122188
category Product category string beers & spirits
subcategory Product subcategory string spirits
section Product section string H
region Scottish region string Scotland
product_type Own label or branded string B/OL/NULL
brand Product brand string Dove
description Product description string Bath foam luxurious
variety Product variations/ flavours string Lime & Patchouli
size Product size string 300ml
multipack_qty Product quantity integer 1
pack_size Individual pack size if multipack integer 250
unit Unit of product string ml
current_base_price Price of product float 1.59
status Product is in stock or not binary live/dormant

Key benefits

  • Only source of real-time data on the market
  • Flexible data delivery – only pay for what you need, delivered in the most appropriate format
  • 680k units surveyed on a regular basis with good coverage across GB
  • Proven accuracy due to our unique data collection process
  • Data can be integrated into in-house business intelligence systems
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Our clients say


The relationship with Local Data Company has grown considerably from the early days, we now use the full inclusion of all of Local Data Company’s data and reports into our strategic estate planning. Being able to instantly identify and review locations of interest, and quickly discount others, allows us to focus on the key locations that provide the best opportunities.

Darren Percival

Planning Manager



We needed reliable reference data on all the shops trading in the UK. LDC gave us the names of the businesses operating in the country, including those that had gone bust during the historical time period that the Fable Data panel covers. LDC saved us time and also helped us to identify the names of new merchants that start to trade and grow their store estate.

Mark Howland

Chief Data Scientist

Fable Data


LDC data provides the most comprehensive insight into retail occupancy nationally.  With the data we can better appreciate variations of retail vacancy and the profile and footprint of retail provision across all retail places, and how the landscape has changed over time.

Tom Whittington

Director, Retail & Leisure Research



We licensed the LDC data to understand trends in retail supply and vacancy for our city centre assets and the surrounding retail offer. The data was delivered promptly and lots of detail was provided. The data has been vital in helping us shape strategy. This is true at both a corporate level, through helping to further our understanding of UK retail, and at an asset level through identifying current strengths and areas for growth.

Jo Oxley

Insight Manager



Boots is delighted to work with the Local Data Company utilising its industry-leading insight to ensure our store portfolio is optimally placed to meet the needs of our customers.

Graeme Cormack

Senior Location Planning Analyst


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