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Real-time market data.

The retail and leisure market is constantly evolving. In recent years, the effects of both world events and national change have driven major shifts.

Moving forward in the face of uncertainty, a data-driven approach is no longer enough: the intelligence that powers your next move must be as current as possible.

Since 2003, we have revolutionised the way we collect and understand our data, building our signature methodology, analysis and technology capabilities to become an engine of unrivalled insight on Great Britain’s physical retail and leisure landscape.

Enter our fully online SaaS insights platform, updated daily with the most accurate retail location data in the country at its core.

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Occupier overview


Includes a Portfolio Analysis view of vital metrics on your portfolio and a Competitor Analysis view for competitors and proxy brands. Support profitable growth for your business with current insights on locations where competitors are opening or closing in proximity to your estate.



Plot and organise locations of any brand operating in Great Britain. View any town or city across the country to assess the viability for your brand through insight on vacancy rates, retail and leisure stock, business types, and much more. 

Location overview

micro trends on every british town and city

Understand the potential for expansion by analysing detailed information on any GB location. Historical trends in retail mix, vacancy, and openings and closures can be viewed along with demographic data for that area and a health breakdown for micro-locations within a town or city.

Classification overview

data on the latest sector-specific trends

Identify recent market trends by viewing growth or decline by region or location type (high street, shopping centre or retail park) for one or more retailers or retail categories. 



Download a library of reports containing the latest data. Available topics include location audit, gap analysis, expansion reports, fastest-growing retailers, centre classification analysis and many more.

Long-term users.

What it can do ...

Track your competitors.

Gain insight into your competitors’ location strategy by viewing every store placement, where they have expanded and contracted, and the health of their site locations. View this activity within the context of your own portfolio and competitor locations where you don’t currently have a presence.

Analyse your portfolio.

Track changes in the health of your portfolio alongside changes in offer within any relevant radius or drive time of your stores.

Identify new locations or acquisition targets.

Identify the most profitable future sites/assets as part of your expansion or investment strategy, based on accurate data and up to-date facts.

Track structural market change. 

View real-time sector trends for almost 500 retail categories in just a few clicks with highly visual and dynamic dashboards.

Identify investment opportunities and risk.

View the trajectory of health of over 3,000 UK locations to identify investment opportunities and risks.

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Our clients say

Devon CC-2

We have been using Local Data Online to provide evidence on town centre vacancy rates for local retail centres around Devon. This has been particularly useful for both our monitoring of pandemic economic impacts that we report locally and to government and for designing targeted interventions to form part of a Devon Covid economic recovery package of measures.

Jon Selby

Economic Development Officer

Devon County Council


Working with Local Data Company and their online platform is providing us with a great live view of the ever-changing retail centre landscape. Being able to monitor the impacts of retailer closures/changes by individual locations using the dynamic LDO dashboard has become an essential part of our location assessments.

Rich Shave

Head of Location Planning


Artboard 17

Having access to thorough and detailed data from the Local Data Company helped us make informed decisions to fashion cost-efficient lead generation campaigns. Knowing your market and being able to deep dive into its different layers is per definition what makes marketeers successful.

Claire Brunel

B2B Marketing Manager

Too Good To Go


The data LDC provides through their Online Insights Platform and quarterly scorecards is giving us valuable insights into the composition of high streets and town centres across Lambeth. We can explore the mix of uses, vacancies and other key characteristics in much finer-grained detail than we have been able to using other datasets.

Laura Davy

Head of High Streets

Lambeth Council


We make extensive use of the LDO dashboard to put data behind the decision-making process across the core areas of our retail business. The Location Overview, vacancy rate and Health Index features dovetail with our other data sources to inform understanding of the strengths of an asset as well as potential areas for improvement. LDO is particularly effective in providing a consistent view across our own assets and those in the wider market. This understanding feeds into our ever-evolving asset strategies in addition to informing the investment decisions we take. We also use the Retailer Overview and Fastest-Growing features with our Brand Account Management team. These features inform how we support our established brand partners in executing their strategy as well as identifying the next generation of occupiers to feed into our target list.

Joe Oxley

Senior Insight Manager


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