On-Site Research

In 2021, we acquired the business On-Site Research.  This acquisition significantly increased the size of our field team to over 200 expertly trained researchers across the UK, ready to take on a variety of in-store research projects.

In-Store Data Collection

Our in-store data collection team can collect and verify critical insights on a store's product selection and availability, pricing and promotions and merchandising compliance. The team can verify thousands of SKU's a day across multiple retailers, providing extensive coverage across the UK and Ireland. 

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We now offer the following services

  • Price and promotion analysis
  • Observational research (including mystery shopping)
  • Retail auditing
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty tracking
  • Large-scale bespoke research projects

Validation via technology

The team utilises a variety of techniques to collect price and promotion data with and without store-level knowledge. Software is used to validate data as the first point of quality control as well as subsequent electronic validation to eliminate erroneous price patterns. All pricing summaries are 100% verified by sight checks.

Compliance and Retail Audits

With promotional slots becoming increasingly more expensive and difficult to secure, it is essential for retailers and manufacturers to maximise the impact of space. Our compliance audits offer a flexible solution to answer some fundamental questions in real-time, often within an hour of fieldwork. All information is supplied store-by-store as well as on an aggregate basis.

We can answer questions such as:

  • Are my units in all stores, if not where are the gaps?
  • What type of displays are in-store and are they as planned?
  • Are my products properly merchandised?
  • Is anything out of stock?

Large-scale bespoke research projects

We operate a 200-strong team of field researchers with a wide range of data collection skills. This expansive team can complete a range of bespoke data-collection projects ranging from information gathering (e.g. POS provider, music license held) to customer or staff surveys. Projects can be completed at scale and at pace, to a high level of quality.

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Key benefits.

  • Our 200-strong field research team is agile and can collect a range of data points either covertly or with store knowledge
  • Our coverage extends across the UK, including Northern Ireland
  • Accuracy is still at the heart of this offering; any price mismatches are checked quickly following our robust data quality control processes.

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