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Our team is on the ground daily, physically examining every retail location across the UK to capture an accurate and dynamic picture of the UK high street.

Historic analysis, present and future forecasts can be extrapolated from this data, enabling our clients to make better strategic decisions.


Quantify the impact on any town, city, brand, portfolio of assets or investment opportunity through detailed analysis of performance before, during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Using a range of proprietary metrics including vacancy rates, openings and closures activity on over 400 retail categories and 3,300 shopping centres, high streets and retail parks, we can measure and evidence the short term and long term impact of the pandemic on any corner of the UK retail and leisure market.

Our strategic consulting arm is able to assess risk across a wide range of variables through analysis of the average lifespan of stores and the profile of tenants across asset groups or town centres.

Please contact us for more information on the range of strategic projects we provide to help you through this incredibly challenging period.

Rich Accurate Data

Rich, Accurate Data

Our database contains over 680,000 addressable, field-researched points of interest including 400,000 independent premises and every chain retail and leisure brand across the UK.

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Online Analytics

Local Data Online provides fast and accurate access to market trends, competitor insights and portfolio analysis tailored to your business.

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Online Analytics
Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

For over fifteen years our dedicated insight team has been working in partnership with clients committed to investing in retail via a range of strategic projects.

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Footfall Technology

Accurate counting and analysis of footfall trends is invaluable. Our proprietary technology stack provides this at a granular level, enabling forensic insights into flows and trends around a physical space. At a time of rapid change, this new technology is a vital tool for any business wanting to stay ahead of the competition.

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Footfall Technology

Our customers say

“Boots is delighted to work with the Local Data Company utilising its industry-leading insight to ensure our store portfolio is optimally placed to meet the needs of our customers.”

Graeme Cormack,
Senior Location Planning Analyst, Boots
“The relationship with Local Data Company has grown considerably from the early days, we now use the full inclusion of all of Local Data Company’s data and reports into our strategic estate planning. Being able to instantly identify and review locations of interest, and quickly discount others, allows us to focus on the key locations that provide the best opportunities."

Darren Percival
Planning Manager, O2 Telefónica
“The Local Data Company team are great to work with and we now consider them to be a key strategic partner.”
Ben Clement 
Group Lead Analyst, NoteMachine
“Clipper worked with Local Data Company to map our Clicklink network, which delivers to retailers seven days a week, against the possible new partners with whom we might engage. Their team worked with speed, collaborated really well and transformed our understanding of what was possible. I would recommend them very highly.”

Peter Louden
Business Solutions Director, Clipper Logistics plc
“Working with Local Data Company and their online platform is providing us with a great live view of the ever-changing retail centre landscape. Being able to monitor the impacts of retailer closures/changes by individual locations using the dynamic LDO dashboard has become an essential part of our location assessments.”

Rich Shave
Head of Location Planning, Clarks
“We needed accurate and consistent data to support our InLinkUK investment decisions at a local and micro level. The Local Data Company were able to meet this brief and supplied it for our analysis effectively.” 

Mungo Knott
Director of Insight & Innovation, Primesight
"PMA use LDC’s data for detailed city by city analysis. The database is robust and reliable, allowing us to easily and consistently compare between towns and cities across the UK and see changes over time. The LDC team are always friendly and happy to help with any queries we have."
Alana Sutton
Senior Analyst
Colliers uses the Local Data Online dashboard to assist with its understanding of the retail and F&B markets. It has been particularly useful in tracking store closures in relation to the recent spate of CVAs, administrations and store rationalisation programmes. The dashboard enables us to react quickly to client and media requests.
Mark Charlton
Head of Research and Forecasting, Colliers International

“We needed reliable reference data on all the shops trading in the UK. LDC gave us the names of the businesses operating in the country, including those that had gone bust during the historical time period that the Fable Data panel covers. Fable used the LDC file to seed our search for merchant names within our anonymised transaction data. We now have data set with millions of rows, covering thousands of merchants use to train and tune neural networks and support vector machines that identify merchants in consumer spend data for our clients. LDC saved us time and also helps us to identify the names of new merchants that start to trade and grow their store estate.”

Mark Howland
Chief Data Scientist, Fable

"The data LDC are providing through their Online Insights Platform and quarterly scorecards is giving us valuable insights into the composition of high streets and town centres across Lambeth. We can explore the mix of uses, vacancies and other key characteristics and trends in much finer-grained detail than we have been able to using other datasets. The Covid-19 impact analysis will be particularly useful moving forward as we monitor trends in temporary and permanent business closures to inform our high street recovery activities. The LDC team are great to work with and have provided a lot of upfront support to ensure our locations of focus and scorecard categories are set up provide us the most useable analysis and insights possible."

Laura Davy
Head of High Streets
“After opening a number of successful dark kitchens and with home delivery being an even more critical part of our strategy due to the covid-19 pandemic, Chopstix Group enlisted Local Data Company to support in the expansion of our dark kitchen network. LDC analysed the existing sites to establish drivers of performance and used this as a framework for identifying what the market capacity was for this concept as well as providing us with a list of locations to target. It was critical for us to work with live and accurate data for this project, and the experienced team at LDC helped up carve out a strategic plan of action against set against a complex market background.”

Jon Lake
Managing Director, Chopstix
"LDC data provides the most comprehensive insight into retail occupancy nationally.  With the data we can better appreciate variations of retail vacancy and the profile and footprint of retail provision across all retail places, and how the landscape has changed over time."

Tom Whittington
Director, Retail & Leisure Research, Savills


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