An interview with Jamie Robertson, UK CEO of new coffee concept, Roasting Plant

23 January 2019 by Louis Farquharson

I recently attended the launch of the Roasting Plant’s UK store, which to put simply was rather impressive. The main attraction of the launch was the Javabot, which was cleverly designed by the Founder and CEO, Mike Caswell. It is clear that Mike brought out his inner Willy Wonka to develop this intricate system. Javabot stores the beans in a series of clear storage columns, and then when an order comes in, the beans are automatically measured and then “whooshed” into the roaster via bursts of air through clear pneumatic tubes.

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It’s a plant-based life, for us – a review of the vegan food market in the UK

16 January 2019 by Louis Farquharson

After a month of indulgence, the beginning of a new year gives us a chance to start a fresh. January is the month where we all look to make (and break within a couple of weeks) new year resolutions. Dry January is a challenge that is widely accepted in an effort to get fit or to simply make up for all that happened in December. Something that is rapidly increasing in popularity is Veganuary, a challenge which simply involves eating vegan throughout January. 

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Is ‘the death of the high street’ a myth?

26 September 2018 by Louis Farquharson

Now that I found myself almost five months into my new role at LDC, it feels like a good time to write my first blog. And it seems that most appropriate topic to discuss would be the state of Great Britain’s high streets. As I am relatively new to the industry, I hope my fresh, and perhaps optimistic viewpoint coupled with LDC’s accurate and granular data on the retail market will offer some interesting and thought-provoking ideas.

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