Retail & leisure trends 2017/2018
Date published: Date modified: 2023-08-16

"It has been widely acknowledged that UK retail is going through a turbulent period, with consumer fundamentals such as consumer confidence decreasing and disposable income stable but slower than inflation in 2017. The labour market remained robust with 32.21 million people in work by the end of 2017. The talk in political circles about the ‘squeezed middle’ is filtering through into the retail and leisure sector with various CVAs and administrations announced in the first few months of 2018." Retail and Leisure Trends Report 2017/18: The evolution of our retail landscape, June 2018, Report by LDC.

In this infographic, we highlight some findings from our bi-annual report on retail and leisure trends over 2017/18 which can be downloaded free of charge here

trends infographic 3

Originally published on the LDC blog in 2018.

Noelle Ghanem

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