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Grosvenor: supporting strategic decision-making with in-depth data science
Date published: Date modified: 2023-10-10

Understanding the primary drivers of real estate success is more crucial than ever in today’s commercial property market. The research team at Grosvenor oversee high-level strategic insights, helping the company to understand current and potential investments across countries, cities and sectors.

As part of their latest strategic project, the team at Grosvenor wanted to understand the changing dynamics of London’s retail market in the post-COVID climate. Grosvenor work with us in two capacities: through the use of our online insights platform, LDO; and working directly with our analyst team on dedicated analyst days.


In-depth data for new levels of insight

Much has been made of the ‘new normal’, where many brand portfolios have been consolidated with a focus on supporting online channels, with stores placed to act as customer-facing marketing touchpoints. Grosvenor wanted to look beyond surface metrics to truly understand today’s retailers, what function their stores serve and how they fit into the wider location.

Some of London’s shopping districts appear very similar at first glance, but a deep dive into the data reveals greater diversity. Grosvenor wanted to establish a ‘typology of place’, a more granular understanding of the identity and character of a location—LDC data on price point and category mix allowed them to quantify what makes each area unique, the potential of the surrounding catchment and the nature of its appeal for shoppers.

LDC data forms one of the main tools for Grosvenor in its understanding of the city’s retail destinations. In-depth data on West End geographies from 2019 and 2023 allows Grosvenor to compare the retail make-up of different districts, and the types, prices and categories of retail available. The consistent format of our data allows for smooth integration with other datasets, allowing for an even closer look at the contributing factors to a district’s resilience. This in turn allows Grosvenor to compare their own locations to others to expose areas of current strength and future opportunity.


Understanding today's market with today's data

Grosvenor appreciates the ability to access and download raw data through the online platform for in-house analysis. This is complemented by analyst days, where they work closely with the LDC insights team, allowing us to share our specific expertise and adding extra support to Grosvenor’s strategic activities.

Grosvenor can communicate directly with our team whenever they need to ask questions, make requests or discuss data, allowing them to make the most of the insights they receive from us. The data and analysis provided by LDC provides a strong base from which to paint a comprehensive picture of the London retail market and provide evidence for Grosvenor’s strategic decisions.


“LDC data gives us an exceptionally detailed view into London’s changing retail landscape. LDC clearly have a deep understanding of their data, which allows us to characterise market trends with confidence and generate statistically robust insights that stand up to scrutiny.”

Nathan Wilson, Associate Director, Grosvenor


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Sarah Abu-Amero, LDC Marketing Executive

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