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Using data-driven insights to monitor the impact of Welcome Back Fund activity
Date published: Date modified: 2023-08-16

Following unprecedented changes brought about by the pandemic, councils and BIDs are now opting for a data- and intelligence-driven approach to power strategic planning and regeneration activities. High-quality data provides quantifiable and actionable insights on town performance to measure success of investment as part of the Welcome Back initiative.

At the Local Data Company, we have been collecting detailed and highly accurate information on the British retail and leisure market for over 10 years. Our expert field research team visit every location across GB on a frequent basis to capture a range of valuable data metrics at store level, including occupancy status, vacancy rate, retailer mix and openings and closures.

Reopening rates across GB following the third lockdown, 2021

Artboard 1-Jan-24-2022-09-37-49-27-PM

Figure 1: Infographic showing post-lockdown reopening rate across GB, an example of the type of data we can offer (Source: Local Data Company)

Alongside this detailed historical insight on every high street across Great Britain, our expert insight analysts deliver bespoke analysis on the impact and recovery of LADs.

We are proud to already be working with LADs across the country, providing critical data and indispensable insight to support a variety of strategic projects. This includes:

  • Covid-19 recovery initiatives
  • Long-term regeneration planning
  • Support for government funding applications
  • Prioritisation of investment and measurement
  • Benchmarking LAD performance

What our clients say

"The data LDC are providing through their Online Insights Platform and quarterly scorecards is giving us valuable insights into the composition of high streets and town centres across Lambeth. We can explore the mix of uses, vacancies and other key characteristics and trends in much finer-grained detail than we have been able to using other datasets. The Covid-19 impact analysis will be particularly useful moving forward as we monitor trends in temporary and permanent business closures to inform our high street recovery activities. The LDC team are great to work with and have provided a lot of upfront support to ensure our locations of focus and scorecard categories are set up provide us the most useable analysis and insights possible.”

- Laura Davy, Head of High Streets, Lambeth London Borough Council

“The data provided to Haringey Council by LDC through the dashboard and the daily/monthly reports has been an invaluable resource to measure the impact of the various restrictions on our high streets during the Covid-19 pandemic. The data on vacancy rates, both recent and historical has given us the ability to map vacancy rate trends and the changes in classifications.

The Location Overview reports are an excellent resource that have helped us monitor the state and health of the high streets, the oversupply or undersupply of business type and the churn of businesses.

The additional, bespoke Comparable Town Centre Analysis piece of work delivered by LDC for us has helped the council easily identify how each comparable location has changed over a period in comparison to the town centres in our borough.

The team at LDC have been a pleasure to work with and have been extremely supportive and accommodating to any questions and queries officers have had regarding their services.”

- Keith Trotter, High Streets and Town Centres Manager and Ian Cruise, Principal Town Centre Regeneration Officer, Haringey Council


We are proud to already be working with:

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To learn more about how we can support your work in light of the Welcome Back initiative, email me at

Katie Girdwood, LDC Business Development Manager

Katie Girdwood, LDC Business Development Manager The Local Data Company 901 901

Katie joined the Local Data Company in 2019 and is responsible for building new business relationships in the retail property and investment space. From her previous roles in the retail industry, Katie brings with her an extensive understanding of the sector and takes particular pride in building strong, lasting relationships with clients. Outside of the office she enjoys travel and reading and is also a keen baker.

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