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Local Data Company Celebrates 19th Birthday
Date published: Date modified: 2023-08-16

As the Local Data Company celebrates its 19th birthday, our founder and CEO, Barnaby Oswald, shares his thoughts.


happy birthday

A rare moment of reflection (as opposed to the constant voice in my head – ‘onwards, onwards’) – today is Local Data Company's 19th Birthday.

One of the many lessons I have learnt over the past near-two decades is that running a business is a challenge that can never be finished - and to that end the quote from Jimmy Carr’s book (I know) “happiness lies in tasks without end” is spot on. I still thoroughly enjoy the challenge.

I also like the quote from a Hungarian novel (which was quoted to me by the great Gordon Bajnai as opposed to the idea that I regularly read Hungarian novels): “you realise that everything in life that is important started a long time ago”. Amen to that.

In 19 years, we have survived both the Global Financial Crisis as well as a pandemic (which when you consider our core business is physical retail and hospitality was by no means a given).

Today we are a team of 200 people, with my proudest achievement being the culture we have created – a collective of kind, hardworking, talented individuals, who tolerate me ordering tequila when we are out celebrating.

A massive thank you to everyone who has helped us get here – past and present, employees, clients and partners – thank you for your support.

Here is a glimpse of how much more hair I had at the beginning when we started the pre-cursor to LDC... with apologies to Alex Oswald, Toby Robertson and Sam Sykes.




For more about LDC and to see a full timeline of our history click here.

Barnaby Oswald, LDC Co-Founder & Managing Director

Barnaby Oswald, LDC Co-Founder & Managing Director The Local Data Company 901 901

Barnaby started his first business in 1998,, where as COO he was instrumental in the development of the online classified advertising business, including partnerships with Evening Standard, Microsoft and Visit London. Barnaby co-founded the Local Data Company in 2003 where as Managing Director he has been responsible for the growth of the company from a start-up to an established business with 70 staff. Barnaby is a keen cyclist, having completed the Rapha Manchester to London ride – 350km in a day – in 2015; and the Marmotte Challenge in 2017.

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