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[Infographic] Supermarkets, Discounters and Convenience Stores (2012-2017)
Date published: Date modified: 2023-08-16

"Across GB the state of the grocery market is one of a changing landscape, with the previously clear divisions between supermarkets, convenience stores and discounters becoming blurred. Convenience stores are becoming more and more like mini-supermarkets with a larger chilled food offer, food-to-go selection and fresh produce. Discounters have made similar moves, opening larger stores with some adding in fashion concession partners to increase their offer to shoppers and the Big 4 supermarkets have seen their market share erode in the last couple of years." Supermarkets, Discounters and Convenience Stores', March 2018, Report by LDC

In this infographic, we highlight some findings from our latest Supermarkets report available to download for free here.

Supermarket Infographic 2018-10

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