Local Data Online is our online insights platform which enables users to view, analyse, map and export data on the portfolio of every brand and every retail location in the UK. It is used by planning and place directors, analysts, asset managers, site selection specialists and C-level executives - essentially anyone who needs regular and fast access to market trends; sector or brand-specific analysis or granular detail on a specific geographical area.

LDO is a flexible platform with in-built reporting and analytical capabilities and is powered by our real-time database of over 600,000 retail and leisure units across the UK.

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Location Overview

The Location Overview dashboard analyses the make-up and quality of the offer in a particular location, along with details and pictures of every shop. 

You can analyse the demand profiles through demographic data such as employment statistics, average weekly earnings, crime rates, unemployment rates and house prices.

Location Overview

Health Index

The Local Data Company's proprietary Health Index allows benchmarking of over 3,000 locations against an index with 12 data inputs ( including catchment, spend, occupiers and vacancy rates) that correlate results to large, medium and small high streets, shopping centres and retail parks.

It has been proven to be a robust proxy for location health to identify key trends over time and can be edited to create a bespoke index relevant to your business criteria.

Location Health Index LDC

Interactive Maps

The interactive map functionality brings the data to life and provides context. Here you can understand the relative importance of competing locations, see clusters of stores, identify a prime pitch or see vacancy hot-spots.

Our bespoke boundaries tool allows you to create bespoke areas for analysis and all map data can be exported out of the system.

Interactive Maps

Drive Times

Identify drive time catchments from a location by up to 10, 20 or 30 minutes. You can also see where your other stores lie within these catchments, as well as the stores of your competitors or proxies.

Drive Times


Use the benchmark tool to see how prospective locations sit alongside your existing portfolio. You can also use the benchmarking tool to understand the potential impact of cannibalisation or competition along with other key variables such as health score, vacancy rates nearby and catchment population.



LDO has a number of self-serve reports that enable you to export detailed reports at a click of a button.

Reports include detailed analysis of a retailer’s locations, town reports, gap analysis, competitor analysis, expansion opportunity reports and market reports including fastest growing fascia.

All reports provide historical analysis in order to understand the trends happening across your current and potential locations.

Reports Page

Information available

Health Score

Measure the vitality of a town or centre in terms of vacancy, anchor retailers presence, leisure offer and dwell time, charity shops presence and population per shop.

Direction of Travel

A key indicator for the trajectory in which a town or centre is moving, highlighting whether a town or centre is improving, stable or in decline.


We don't just rely on the data we collect in the field but also overlay a growing number of datasets to ensure you have the best insight upon which to make decisions.

Vacancy (200m)

This dashboard displays the vacancy rate vs. the number of units located within a 200 metre radius around a target location or asset within a town or centre.

Historical Vacancy

Average historical retail and leisure vacancy combined for all high streets, shopping centres and retail parks in which your store/selected fascia is present.

Persistent Vacancy

Persistent vacancy measures how long vacant units have been vacant for, by assessing the proportion of vacant units that have been vacant for a significant period of time

Classification Mix

The mix of businesses in a location determines its attractiveness. Benchmark these variances to similar but more diverse locations.

Independents v Multiples

The ratio between independents and multiples determines the character of a town. Finding the right balance is key to success.

Proxy Retailers

Track proxy retailers and identify new opportunities based on previous experience and success.


Identify your competitors and see where they are opening or closing stores in and around your locations or even in locations where you have no presence.

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