A new way to understand your consumer audience

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Download a copy of 'A New Way to Understand Your Consumer Audience' by Chris Fowler.

This white paper includes insight on:

  • Collecting audience insights without encroaching on consumers' privacy or needing GDPR-compliant consent.
  • Understanding what types of consumers are likely to be within a certain geography or location in order to position marketing messages appropriately.
  • How to map a variety of metrics onto geographies including:
    • types of shopping missions
    • types of brands
    • ratio of premium/mass/value brands
    • range of opening hours across the area
    • where the clusters of night-time occupiers are
    • where retailers with an online presence are located
    • footfall hotspots
    • likely dwell time
    • levels of tourism
  • Using data to match the most effective locations with creative advertisements to increase ROI of campaigns.

If you have any difficulty accessing the white paper then please email marketing@localdatacompany.com