• Insight & analytics for today's retail environment

    Execute your location strategy faster than ever before.

  • Identify new opportunities and minimise risk

    Analyse new and existing locations for optimum performance. 

  • Benchmark asset performance vs. peer groups

    Understand the health of a town, area or location type. 

  • Analyse and assess new leisure opportunities

    Identify suitable locations for expansion across Great Britain.

  • Optimise your town or BID area for success

    Benchmark your town or BID area against competing centres.

Watch our 'Openings and Closures' (H2 2014) Event Summary'

We go direct to the source - shouldn't you too?

Evidence-based research is at the heart of what we do.

LDC delivers unparalleled insight on the ever changing UK retail and leisure landscape. LDC enables retailers, leisure operators, investors, landlords and financial services companies to instantly understand the health of high streets, retail parks and shopping centres. LDC spends over 2,000 hours a week in the field collecting and aggregating the UK’s only source of primary evidence based data on places and companies. This is backed up by a technology platform, which provides cutting edge analysis, models and market indices to deliver actionable insights on your market.

Openings & Closures H2 2014 Event (Summary)

Watch the video summary from our latest event.

Unparalleled insight at your fingertips

What can LocalDataOnlineTM do for you?

  • Strategic analysis

    Understand what is happening across the retail and leisure sectors in Great Britain and the regions, including stock, occupancy, vacancy and openings & closures.

  • Portfolio analysis

    Analyse and assess your locations, your competitor locations or target locations, identifying key performance indicators within a 200m radius of each target property.

  • Opportunities & threats

    Identify opportunities and threats by location type (high street, shopping centre, retail parks and standalone/parades) based on current and historical trends in occupation and vacancy rates.

  • Historical analysis

    Analyse historical occupation of a target building in order to uncover what has really happened (which may not appear in the property particulars) or use local changes as negotiating tools for lease negotiations or business rates appeals.

  • Sector analysis

    Track which business types are opening, closing or stable both by town and location type, including shopping centres, retail parks and standalone premises.

  • Gap Analysis

    Analyse retail and leisure operators missing in a target location but present in neighbouring or competing towns or location types. Analyse  under or over exposure of specific business types across over 7,000 locations.

  • Store optimisation

    Identify weak, stable or strong performing store locations based on specified criteria and key performance indicators to ensure you have the right number of stores in the right locations by town or location type.

  • Benchmarking

    Easily compare a town, sector or retailer against competitors, competing towns or GB average to understand exactly how you are performing versus the norm.

Bringing data & insight to life

Our software & data is comprehensive, up-to-date and easy to use.

  • Get the latest updates

    We visit thousands of premises every month (over 70,000) to verify they are still occupied and trading and which ones have closed down and we do this come rain, shine or blizzard!

  • Bringing data to life

    Our proprietary research and technology work together seamlessly to bring you powerful, easy-to-use and up-to-date, evidence-based data & analytics with our online software tools.

  • Analyse over 7,000 locations

    Our army of field researchers constantly walk the streets across thousands of towns, shopping centres, retail parks and standalone premises, capturing over 20 fields of data, including a photo.

  • Demographics

    Our online software tool, LocalDataOnline, includes additional demographic data such as population, employment, house prices, crime data, business rates and floorspace.

  • Search over 550,000 businesses

    We’ve compiled vast amounts of data on retailers, sectors and locations, enabling you to identify new opportunities, minimise risk and exposure, optimise store network performance, sector performance and more.

  • Historical data

    Our historical data is unique and gives you a degree of insight that enables you to see long term trends and analysis so that you can make informed decisions based on long term insight.

  • Mapping tools

    Zoom in, pan around and see a town like never before, with easy to understand data and charts covering over 7,000 locations across Great Britain and create, edit and save bespoke boundaries.

  • Key Performance Indicators

    Using our unique Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) we enable you to compare Retail Index, Classification Mix and Diversity Index against the GB national average and easily identify key trends.

We let our customers & partners do the talking

We are lucky to work with amazing companies.

"After searching the market for high quality data for navigation purposes, we found Local Data Company met our growing needs for highly accurate information."

Tony Bogaert

Tele Atlas

"Local Data Company have not only provided key value add retail data but great site indicators of vacant, closed or new premises, thus providing significant insight on UK Retail businesses.”

Andrew Crisp

EU Data Strategy Leader, Dun & Bradstreet

"LDC offer a depth of information about the key consumer facing businesses in the UK that is unrivalled and that only personal and regular visits to the actual premise can achieve."

Alastair Crawford


"The team at the Local Data Company have proved to be an excellent partner for us over the last 12 months."

Andy Hamilton

Head of Retail Space Management Adidas

We constantly monitor the nation's heartbeat

Tracking retailers, sectors, and towns to shopping centres and retail parks

Great Britain

All Vacancy Rate (H2 2013)



All Vacancy Rate (H2 2013)



All Vacancy Rate (H2 2013)



All Vacancy Rate (H2 2013)