Location insights designed for decision making

Now out – our latest report on the retail and leisure market over the first six months of the year is available to download, free of charge. Click the button below to download a copy. 

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Location insights designed for decision making

Now out – our latest report on the retail and leisure market over the first six months of the year is available to download, free of charge. Click the button below to download a copy. 

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How we can help you

For Retail and Leisure

Retail and Lesire Occupiers
  • Analyse New Locations
  • Benchmark Existing Locations
  • Track Your Competitors

For Investors, Landlords and Financial Services

For Investors, Landlords and Financial Services
  • Benchmark Asset Performance
  • Assess Prospect Assets
  • Optimise Your Tenant Mix

For Local Government, Councils and BIDs

  • Monitor Your Town’s Health
  • Benchmark Your Town / BID
  • Identify Opportunities and Threats

What our customers say

  • “The LDO platform and associated LDC data has helped NoteMachine quantify the retail landscape and strengthened our site verification process. The ability to generate sector specific trend reports has provided our management team with up-to-date market trends which have been used to aid strategic development. LDC data has enabled us to be proactive with our sales and marketing efforts and has generated a return on investment for us within the first six months of our campaigns. The LDC team are great to work with and we now consider LDC to be a key strategic partner.”
    Ben Clement, Lead Group Analyst – NoteMachine
  • “The relationship with LDC has grown considerably from the early days, we now use the full inclusion of all of LDC’s data and reports into our strategic estate planning. With over 450 stores to constantly monitor, alongside several thousand other locations of opportunity to review, LDO has massively reduced the amount of man-hours required in travelling to each location, manually recording data and collating analysis. Being able to instantly identify and review locations of interest, and quickly discount others, allows us to focus on the key locations that provide the best opportunities. The ability to extract and use LDC data with our other external and internal data enables a completely holistic level of analysis to be complete before there is any requirement for any field research.”
    Darren Percival, Planning Manager – O2 Telefónica
    Darren Percival, Planning Manager - O2 Telefónica
  • The Local Data Company has a distinguished and distinctive position in chronicling, characterising and analysing the UK retail scene. As a leading player in the listed market for consumer equities in the UK, Shore Capital Markets finds LDC’s work to be an invaluable source of detailed analysis on the ever-changing British shopping landscape. It is an unparalleled resource.
    Dr. Clive Black, Shore Capital Markets
    Head of Research
  • Using the LDC footfall counters, we have been able to monitor our own footfall and also compare footfall statistics with other businesses in the area. This has enabled us to track which events attract the highest footfall so that we can give our member businesses the best service possible in our commitment to keeping the Angel a prime visitor destination. LDC has been great to work with and is always flexible and responsive.
    Mark Turner, angel.london
  • After reviewing our options we made the decision to remain with LDC and renew our contract this year for another 3 years. As a team we were impressed by their understanding of the differences between the night-time economy and day-time retail markets and their ability to adapt their solution accordingly. The bespoke work they have also done to map our business portfolio and identify towns with similar demographics that we should target for expansion will be a valuable part of our decision-making process going forwards.
    Alex Millington, The Deltic Group
    Group Finance Director
  • EE use the competitor data supplied by LDC in order to gain a deeper insight in to where our competition are located within the UK. By receiving this on a monthly basis we are able to track the changing landscape of all our competitors, and see where they are either leaving or entering new towns, shopping centres and retail parks. The data helps us to makes decisions on new retail store micro locations, as well as our wider retail strategy piece. LDC are our supplier of choice as their data is kept up to date, is accurate, and the communications with their personnel is effortless.
    Michelle Honey, EE
    Senior Property Location Planning and Data Manager
  • As early adopters of this great technology, we use LDC’s footfall devices to gain an accurate understanding of footfall flows past our restaurants. We get a really valuable source of data which enables us to drill down into performance so that we can tailor our activity to each particular restaurant. For example, the granularity of the data enables us to accurately understand traffic flows during every trading hour and also to be able to compare across our estate - that’s very useful on so many levels. Over the past year, LDC have provided strong support and are always willing to take on our feedback to provide maximum value, resulting in a true partnership approach.
    John Upton, LEON
    Former Managing Director
  • Working with LDC, we are doing vital work to measure footfall and vacancy rates across our BID area and other competing centres. Having accurate and detailed footfall data that we can drill down to hourly counts enables us to attract the right brands to support the day and night time economies in the Waterloo area and allows us to evidence the positive impact of our BID work with quantitative measures.
    Ben Stephenson, WeAreWaterloo BID
    Chief Executive
  • The information from the LDC is hugely important for us, not just to understand visitor flow around our city, but to enhance our proposition to prospective businesses who are thinking about locating to the city.
    Gavin Stewart, Brighton Business Improvement District (BID)
    Chief Executive
  • NewRiver engaged with LDC to understand footfall at The Ridings Shopping Centre. The brief was to understand not only flows of people into/out of the centre but also around the scheme and across floors. NewRiver decided to use two footfall solutions simultaneously in order to test and compare the accuracy of LDC’s newly developed technology – the results were positive. NewRiver found the mobile device counting solution from LDC has created results which gives greater granularity into flows within the scheme but was also able to distinguish visitors during peak times better than the, now removed, previous solution. LDC is working to bespoke the data visualisation and reporting in line with specific requirements by NewRiver which will be used for board level reporting, marketing activities and investment decisions.
    Paul Wright, NewRiver
  • True Capital is a retail and consumer sector specialist private equity firm. We have built a unique ecosystem, which includes TrueStart, our own sector specific innovation hub. We are very clearly focussed on the future of our industry, not just how the world operates today. With this in mind, LDC have always impressed with their unique and innovative approach to solutions for retailers and investors. From the ground up, their approach to collecting data ensures a very special view of the landscape which is both live and granular all wrapped up in a dynamic, inventive online platform.
    Matt Truman, True Capital
    Chief Executive Officer
  • BlueGem worked with LDC on our diligence for Jack Wills, a premium British fashion brand. The work was done to a high standard, delivered on time and presented with clarity and extremely helpful insight, layered on top of excellent data. We will surely work with LDC again and we would recommend them to any of our peers.
    Vishesh Srivastava, BlueGem
  • As well as providing a comprehensive and unique data set that enables us to build a stronger understanding of the UK retail markets, LDC has a flexible approach in delivering to our requirements.
    James Purvis, Tristan Capital Partners
    Associate, Research and Investment Strategy
  • More and more occupiers need information based on facts about places and not opinions or predictions. This is where LDC helps us to approach them.
    Emma Mackenzie, NewRiver
  • LDC has helped us really understand a complicated independent specialist card sector by providing an excellent understanding of the current store estates and historical trends in this area. This has helped us make some big decisions about future business strategy and will really drive bottom line profitability. In addition to that the team are great and have been brilliant at answering queries quickly, accurately and timely. They are a real pleasure to work with.
    James Mackenzie, Hallmark
    Head of Category and Insight
  • Mamas & Papas worked with LDC on an initial strategy review for our London expansion. We needed granular and transparent data which would make it very easy for us to map out similar and competing brands, market health and to assess opportunities for the Mamas & Papas concept across the capital. The resulting data, maps and review workshop have helped prepare us for the next phase of our expansion and made a complex market much more straightforward to assess. We look forward to partnering with LDC again in the future.
    Jason Greenwood, Mamas & Papas
  • At NewRiver we are very research focused which is why we use LDC. We use research to support our acquisition programme, improving our asset management capability and maximising the potential in our development portfolio. LDC provide us with wide ranging data that is accurate and current. Moreover they are able to articulate that data to NewRiver in a relevant way. Research is important as it allows for better decision making and reduces risk which is why we wouldn't hesitate to recommend LDC.
    Allan Lockhart, NewRiver
    Property Director

Local Data Online

Powerful, yet easy to use analytics and dashboards with historical trends, market indices and competitor profiles, enabling you to know what you need to know when you need it. The most comprehensive, current and accurate insight tool in the UK market.

Occupier Dashboard

LDC’s Occupier Dashboard is used by occupiers, large and small, to provide quick and easy to use analysis that is bespoke to their market and locations.

From one, easy to navigate dashboard which is updated daily, you have the ability to analyse prospect locations, understand the performance of your existing locations, track your competition and identify opportunities and threats.

This insight allows you to make evidence-based decisions quicker than ever before.

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Competitor Dashboard

Retail and Leisure Occupiers have successfully used the Competitor Dashboard to quickly understand the movements of their competitors.

With the Competitor Dashboard you can easily identify locations where your competitors are opening new stores or closing existing stores. You can also see all locations where your competitors are present and you are not and where they are closing stores where you are not present.

This insight allows you to make evidence-based decisions quicker than ever before.

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Investor Dashboard

Landlords and investors use LDC’s investor Dashboard to help them maximise their returns and optimise their rental growth. It was built on feedback from investors for investors.

The dashboard allows you to benchmark your assets, prospect assets or your competitor’s assets and funds. At an asset level it clearly identifies competing centres, variances in catchments and occupier/vacancy profiles.

Be it due diligence, asset management, investor relations or management reports this dashboard gives you all the answers you need.

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Footfall Dashboard

The Footfall Dashboard is our latest innovation and has been designed to help you answer questions such as: How many people pass your shop front? How do you optimise your business to meet the changes in footfall be it opening hours, staffing or offers?

The data is also modelled with existing environmental factors such as demographics, occupancy profiles, vacancy trends and change in nearby competing centres.

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How we do it

Years of experience has taught us that the only way to get the best possible data is to physically survey each shop and every month we do just that – 65,000 of them! We don’t stop there as our eyes and ears are constantly tracking the market.

  • Field Research

    Our field researchers literally walk the streets across Great Britain, surveying and photographing over 65,000 retail premises every month.

    Using LDC’s proprietary data collection technology, which links to our in-house quality control application manned by our office research team, we deliver the most comprehensive and up-to-date data on the retail and leisure market available.

  • Office Research

    Our office researchers work tirelessly to process the constant flow of data that we receive in the office on a daily basis. This is in order to quality check and verify each and every record ensuring that it meets our rigorous checks before we pass it onto our customers.

    Be it checking telephone numbers, websites, adding menu prices or business descriptions they ensure we deliver

    We triple check every record to ensure its accuracy to ensure we deliver the best data available.

  • Technology

    We believe that the best way to provide a service to our customers is to own and be responsible for every aspect of of what we deliver from the data to the software.

    By doing this we can adapt to our customer needs, eliminate the need of 3rd party software or data costs and have no one to blame but ourselves.

    Our team of developers are exceptional in their approach to challenges – delivering the right solution comes ahead of using the technology you are most comfortable with.

    Don’t be surprised if you meet them in meetings as we also don’t believe in Chinese Whispers – everyone needs to be knowledgeable about our customers and their needs.



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