Post-administration analysis of Phones 4u – 12 months on

Phones 4u was a large mobile phone retailer in the United Kingdom with 554 stores at the time it went into administration on the 15th September 2014.

Vodafone and EE decided to not renew their contracts with the company, meaning the business had no more telecom clients.

LDC updated the market on the progress of the stores in April 2015 and has recently analysed the portfolio one year after its administration.

Stores at time of administration (Sept 2014)
Vacant stores 6 months after administration (April 15)

Fast forward to September 2015, and now 268 units (48%) are still vacant or unoccupied

Vacant stores (Sept 15)
Occupied stores (Sept 15)

Phones 4u store regional distribution – September 2014


Here you can see the Phones 4u portfolio of stores prior to administration in September 2014.

Phones 4u store regional distribution – September 2015


Here is the regional breakdown of unoccupied Phones 4u portfolio of stores in September 2015.

So who are the new occupiers?

Breakdown of the new occupiers who took over two or more Phones 4u units – Sept 2015


Mobile phone shops re-occupied the most Phones 4u stores (212 stores), with the highest non-mobile phone shop re-occupier being Holland & Barrett (4 stores). Holland & Barrett took over four units all in shopping centres (Tandem Centre, Weston Favell Shopping Centre, Fishergate Shopping Centre and Swan Shopping Centre).

Want more detailed analysis?


Download the Phones 4u report for more information, including:

Detailed regional breakdown of Phones 4u stores (pre and post administration).

Which occupier classifications and which occupiers have taken up Phones 4u units.

Which towns have the highest and lowest % of vacant Phones 4u units.

Matthew Hopkinson’s commentary about the impact of these remaining vacant stores.