Bespoke reports and strategic insight for the changing retail landscape.

Working closely with occupiers, investors, landlords, banks and local authorities allows us to have a 360 degree view of the market. This enables us to support our clients not only with our evidence-based research but also through the in-depth understanding of perception versus reality that we build on day in day out.

Our team of expert analysts can interrogate your market, target locations, assets or integrate your performance data in order to save you time. From quick due diligence projects to gap analysis or market reports to support fund raising, we are able to provide the facts, figures and opinion based on our unique evidence-based research.

Below are some of the reports we can produce for you:

For Retail and Leisure Occupiers

Store Estate Review

The Estate Review Report is designed to help you understand your whole estate and inform your location strategy.

An Estate Review Report can help you answer the following questions:

Are my stores or restaurants in the right locations?
Do I have too many stores or restaurants?
Are my stores or restaurants in the right format?
How is the health over my locations changing?

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Competition Analysis

‘Know your enemy as you know yourself’ (Sun Tzu). Understanding who your competitors are, where they are and what they are up to isn’t easy. With insight on over 7,000 locations, which is updated on a daily basis, we will help you in answering these questions.

A Competition Analysis Report will help you answer the following questions:

Who are my competition and how do they impact my locations?
Where are my competitors opening and closing around me?
Where are my competitors opening or closing where I am NOT present?
Are their any competitors that I should be tracking than I am not?
How has my competition changed over the last 5 years?

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Opportunity/Expansion Review

The Opportunity/Expansion Review Report will identify locations where you can take advantage of any store gaps. It can also be used to identify locations where you can expand to. Pep&Co used this report to help identify the first 50 location to open their stores in early 2015.

The Opportunity/Expansion Review Report will help you answer the following questions:

Are there locations where I could open a new store or restaurant?
What do these prospect locations look like and how are they changing?
Are there any locations where there is a gap in the market for my offering?
What locations are similar to my best performing locations that present the opportunity for me to expand to?

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For Investors, Landlords and Financial Services

Portfolio Analysis

Understanding your portfolio is essential in order for you to minimise investment risks and realise opportunities for optimisation.

The Portfolio Analysis Report can help you answer the following questions:

How are my high street units, shopping centres and retail parks within a fund performing against industry averages?
How will my potential purchases/acquisitions impact my existing portfolio?
How can I improve my portfolios performance by understanding key drivers for performance?
What is the risk of vacancy and persistent vacancy to my assets and how does it compare to the industry averages?

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Tenant Strategy

Identifying the right mix, both in quality and type, is key to the success of any investment. LDC identifies opportunities and threats to tenant strategies.

The Tenant Review Report can help you answer the following questions:

Which retailers are missing from my portfolio that may be able to improve the attractiveness (gap analysis)?
Which retailers are at risk of either relocating or closing based on their GB activity?
How can I optimise my existing tenant strategy or rebalance it (classification mix)?

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Acquisition Strategy

The Acquisition Strategy Report will provide critical actionable insights and deliver:

A detailed overview of potential locations during due diligence stage,
Evaluation of the competing retail locations by drive time or similar retail offer/size,
Identify what the catchment profile of a prospect location is,
Provide a historical overview of an area looking at its health and how it has changed over time.

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For Councils and Business Improvement Districts (BIDs)

Successful place management relies on applying local knowledge to regional and national trends in order to identify opportunities and threats to your area. LDC advises and informs Councils and BIDs on these changes and enables detailed benchmarking and impact analysis of policy and strategy.

Location Overview

The Location Overview Report will enable you to track the impact of activity and communicate it back to stakeholders using evidence based research. It will also:

Benchmark your profile and change to competing locations or peer locations
Track key changes within the tenant mix, vacancy and footfall profiles
Support strategic planning across the Council/BID area by providing impact analysis with the ability to create analysis of micro sites using LDC’s bespoke mapping tool.

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