Our proprietary footfall counting technology has been developed in-house for the retail market and provides our clients with a precise and granular view of footfall densities passing by a store, asset or location.

the most accurate sensors for retail

Local Data Company footfall sensors provide consistent data capture 24/7 in all light and weather conditions using reliable, proprietary technology with long-term stability. Sensors are discreet and respectful of public privacy.

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We have developed technology which draws on advanced systems to create a revolutionary new method for capturing footfall data. Sensors are installed close to the entrance of a store or asset with a clear view outside and emit a low-level radar wave to detect people within a set field of vision.

These waves return data to the sensor which is aggregated and processed to produce meaningful and accurate footfall counts.


Our sensors capture granular insights which can be viewed by week, day and hour. Weekly data is processed and made available the following Monday. Data is available in a variety of formats; as raw data, via our online insight platform or as bespoke analysis.



  • The most accurate technology on the market, our sensors have been tested to consistently perform to +/- 5%
  • Captures ground-truth numbers
  • Not reliant on other technology such as InfraRed or Wi-Fi and not reliant on measurements of proxies or samples
  • Our technology works consistently 24/7 in all light and weather conditions.
  • Both the sensors and the technology behind them have been designed especially for use in the retail market
  • Data is available quickly
  • Fully GDPR compliant and does not capture any personal data
  • Installed by a trained engineer


Track the impact

Track the impact of external events

Track the impact of external activity and seasonality on footfall around your estate including weather and local initiatives.

Measure marketing

Measure marketing campaigns

Quantify the impact of marketing campaigns and promotions across stores or regions with conversion rate tracking.
Understand the value of location

Understand the value of location

Quantify the value and potential impact of an asset’s location and identify the best time to display media or deploy field marketing teams.
Benchmark store performance

Benchmark store performance

Benchmark asset performance based on like-for-like footfall to ensure that your portfolio is performing to its full potential.
Understand trends

Understand trends across key trading hours

Understand trends around key trading hours to inform operational models, e.g. management of stock and staffing levels.
Compare day and night

Compare day and night-time economies

Compare day and night-time economies around your estate to identify and quantify new revenue opportunities.
Covid recovery (1)

Tracking the impact and recovery post COVID-19

Quantify the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on a location and track the pace at which footfall returns to your portfolio or town centre.

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