Retail and Leisure Location Data

We are the only business that employs a team of field researchers to physically audit the occupancy and vacancy of each and every unit across GB on a regular basis.  Each day, data from our field researchers is sent back to the office via our proprietary tech infrastructure for validation and is uploaded into our database. Not only does this mean that we are extremely diligent in our data collection processes, but our data affords as close to a real-time view of the market as possible.

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Online Analytics Platform

Local Data Online (LDO) is our online insights platform that enables users to view, analyse, map and export data on the portfolio of every brand and every retail location across GB. It is used by asset managers, location planning specialists, planning and place directors and C-level executives - essentially anyone who needs regular and fast access to market trends, sector or brand-specific analysis or granular detail on a geographical area.

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Strategic Consultation and Analysis

We pride ourselves on our flexible and bespoke approach and understand that every business has a unique set of challenges. Our insight team has experience working with businesses of all sizes, from emerging concepts to household names across a range of sectors.

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On-site Research

New for 2021, we have acquired the capability to collect in-store product and price information. Our new on-site data collection team can collect and verify critical in-store insight on product selection and availability, price and promotions and merchandising compliance, both with and without store-level knowledge.

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