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Local Data Online helps Local Governments, Councils and BIDs with the following:

Understanding performance

Understanding occupancy profile and vacancy rates in your town versus competing centres be they other towns or shopping centres and retail parks.

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Strengths and Weaknesses

Identifying strengths and weaknesses within your town through a detailed understanding of over and undersupply for a town of your size and the impact of vacant units and their persistence.

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Know where and when people visit your town and the impact of events, redevelopments and wider changes in offer.

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Find out how LDC helped Wychavon District Council understand occupancy and vacancy trends in its town centres.

Understanding the performance of your town or BID area

Understanding the performance of your town or BID area

Understand occupancy and vacancy rates within your centre which allows you to compare against other competing centres

With the maps you can identify clustering of vacant units or various classification types (such as specialised quarters or certain parts of your town that needs regeneration)

This paired with ability to track persistent vacancy forms a vital part of planning policy for councils developing local development frameworks.

Help identify daytime and night time economy and track key footfall driving business and anchor tenants within your town.

Understand the health of your town

Understand the health of your town

Understanding the current occupier mix of your town and identifying over and under supply of retail offer.

Identifying risky occupiers who are closing in similar locations to your town

Using LDC Gap Analysis and Retailer Profiling to identify occupiers who are expanding in similar locations which helps with specific or targeted inward investment campaigns.

Ability to see and understand the distribution of floor space in your town and the rateable value for each business which plays a key part of planning and maintaining your BID.



Ability to understand key visitor hours and areas within your town which allows you to deploy BID ambassadors in the right locations at the right time.

Identify which businesses are driving footfall through your town.

Track the impact of town centre events by analysing change in visitor patterns to support future event funding.

Independent visitor numbers which allow you to market your town for inward investment.


Interactive Map

Use the interactive map to understand the distribution of occupancy and vacancy and potential clustering within your town.

From here you have the ability to click on each premise to see occupier details including floor space and rateable value.

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Bespoke Boundaries

You can define a bespoke town centre boundary which reflects your area of interest and view detailed temporal analysis of occupancy and vacancy trends.

This can be saved and viewed at any time.


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Location Overview

Understand temporal change in your town by identifying which businesses are opening and closing.

In here you can also access demographic data such as average weekly earnings, house prices, crime and employment profile.

Location Overview

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Gap Analysis Reports

The report function quickly and easily allows you to compare your town to competing locations and understand which retailers are missing in your town but present in others.

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Retailer Overview

Understand retailer trends by analysing existing locations and seeing where they are opening and closing. This can help you understand if your town is an area in which they are opening (an opportunity) or an area in which they are closing (a risk).

Local Gov Councils and BIDs Retailer Overview

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Floor Space Analysis

Using the Floor Space Analysis you can identify key occupiers by floorspace and distribution of retail offer by floorspace.

This allows you to gain an understanding of occupancy and vacancy by floorspace rather than units and can be used to plan BID feasibility by understanding potential levy income by profiling business rates.

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Health Index

Use the Health Index to evidence the impact or potential impact of your strategy through benchmarking your centre to LDC’s health index. This has proven to be a robust and comprehensive location performance indicator.

Location Health Index LDC

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“The Local Data Company have not only provided key value add retail & leisure data and insight but advanced sire performance indicators and analytics on vacant, closed or new premises, thus providing significant insight into retail businesses and the environment as a whole, across Great Britain.”
– Andrew Crisp, Data Leader at Dun & Bradstreet

Information available to you

Health Score

Measure the vitality of a town or centre in terms of vacancy, anchor retailers presence, leisure offer and dwell time, charity shops presence and population per shop.

Direction of Travel

A key indicator for the ‘direction of travel’ in which a town or centre is moving, highlighting whether a town or centre is improving, stable or in decline.


LDC does not just rely on the data it collects in the field but also overlays a growing number of datasets to ensure you have the best insight upon which to make decisions.

Vacancy (200m)

This dashboard displays the vacancy rate vs. the number of units located within a 200 metre radius around a target location or asset within a town or centre.

Historical Vacancy

Average historical ‘Retail and Leisure’ vacancy combined for all High Streets, Shopping Centres and Retail Parks in which your store/selected fascia is present.

Persistent Vacancy

Persistent vacancy measures how long vacant units have been vacant for, by assessing the proportion of vacant units that have been vacant for a significant period of time

Classification Mix

The mix of businesses in a location determines its attractiveness. Benchmark these variances to similar but better-balanced locations.

Independents v Multiples

The ratio between independents and multiples determines the character of a town. Finding the right balance is key to the success of a town or location.

Proxy Retailers

Track proxy retailers (those retailers that are good to be nearby) and identify new opportunities based on previous experience and success.


Identify your competitors and see where they are opening or closing stores in and around your locations or even in locations where you have no presence.


Identify your competitors and see where they are opening or closing stores in and around your locations or even in locations where you have no presence.

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Our data is the most accurate and detailed data available on the market today. We update our data more frequently across more locations and in more detail than any other company out there.

Over 550,000 premises

We physically visit and verify over 550,000 retail & leisure premises across Great Britain on a strict 6-12 month cycle.

Over 3,000 locations

From the remotest locations in Scotland to the sprawling cities of Southern England we’ve got it covered.

1,000,000+ hi-res images

They say an image paints a thousand words – now you can see every detail from the comfort of your desk.

75,000+ updates per month

Our team of 70+ office and field researchers are continuously checking, verifying and updating our database.

Historical data back to 2008

Not only do we deliver the very latest data & insight on the retail & leisure market but we go back, way back to 2008.

Triple-checked for accuracy

As if physically visiting each unit was not enough, we triple-check every update back in the office for accuracy.

Nationwide coverage

Get the national view of the retail & leisure landscape by visiting thousands of high streets, shopping centres and retail parks.

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