Points of Interest data 

Our rich and accurate database of over 600,000 addressable, field-researched points of interest includes over 360,000 independent premises and every single chain retail and leisure brand across the UK.


Why the Local Data Company?

Why choose the Local Data Company?

We are the only organisation to employ a field research team to physically collect data on over 3,000 retail locations across the UK.  On average we make 80,000 updates per month to our database, all of which are verified and checked by our desk research team. We manually geocode our data in-house to ensure that we continue to own the most accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive database of retail and leisure units.

Data on each POI includes

For each unit we hold the following information:

  • Business name
  • Photo of fascia
  • Address
  • Geocode address
  • Webpage
  • Retail/Leisure classification
  • Opening times
  • Floor space
  • Rateable value
What our clients say
EE use the competitor data supplied by LDC in order to gain a deeper insight in to where our competition are located within the UK. By receiving this on a monthly basis we are able to track the changing landscape of all our competitors, and see where they are either leaving or entering new towns, shopping centres and retail parks. The data helps us to makes decisions on new retail store micro locations, as well as our wider retail strategy piece. LDC are our supplier of choice as their data is kept up to date, is accurate, and the communications with their personnel is effortless.
Michelle Honey
Senior Property Location Planning and Data Manager - EE

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