LDC’s Field Researched Points of Interest (POIs)

LDC’s database of over 600,000 addressable, field-researched POIs includes 300,300 independent premises and every single chain retail and leisure brand across Great Britain.


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Why LDC?

Why LDC?

We are the only organisation to operate a field research team alongside our desk researchers to collect and verify this data who make on average 80,000 updates per month. We manually geocode our POIs in-house to ensure what we continue to hold the most accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive POI database available in the market.

Data on each POI includes

Data on each POI includes:

  • Business name
  • Photo of fascia
  • Address
  • Geocode address
  • Webpage
  • Retail/Leisure classification
  • Opening times
  • Floor space
  • Rateable value
At NewRiver we are very research focused which is why we use LDC. We use research to support our acquisition programme, improving our asset management capability and maximising the potential in our development portfolio. LDC provide us with wide ranging data that is accurate and current. Moreover they are able to articulate that data to NewRiver in a relevant way. Research is important as it allows for better decision making and reduces risk which is why we wouldn't hesitate to recommend LDC.
Allan Lockhart, NewRiver
Allan Lockhart, NewRiver
Property Director

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