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Combining historical data with current trends for a comprehensive view of the commercial property market

Strategic decision-making backed by data

Britain’s retail and leisure landscape is quickly and constantly evolving. Having the most accurate, timely data possible allows you to evolve with it and stay ahead of the changing market.

The Local Data Company brings together historical data and current market trends to offer a highly detailed picture of the current climate, allowing you to measure your existing portfolio against the wider market and identify opportunities and risks with pinpoint accuracy.

Our rigorous methodology allows us to offer insights such as:

  • Trends in vacancy rate over the last five years
  • Categories in decline
  • The growth of convenience stores in the last 3 years
  • Store closures since 2017
  • Store openings in London in 2021
  • International brands which have opened stores in Britain in the last 12 months
  • Vacancy trends for shopping centres over the past three years
  • The impact of department store closures on vacancy rates


local data online


Local Data Online (LDO) is our proprietary online insights platform which enables you to view, analyse, map and export data on the portfolio of every retail and leisure location in Britain. It powers teams across the property space, from insights, leasing and investment to asset management, research, capital markets and business rates.

Access current market trends and in-depth insight at the click of a button with dynamic live maps and highly flexible dashboards. Our modular format allows you to tailor your LDO experience to your business and objectives; you only pay for the dashboards you use. With a diverse range of practical applications, LDO is ready to support resilient long-term strategy.


Generate customisable reports, including gap analysis to reveal current gaps and the ideal retail and leisure tenants to fill them. We can help identify acquisitive brands by category and location type, including digitally native and international brands.



Use our investor dashboard to evaluate performance across a portfolio of assets and benchmark against competitors. We can also help to complete due diligence for investment and disposal opportunities.


Track trends in retail and leisure supply in close to real time: interactive map screens offer a bird’s eye view of a defined region, with up-to-date occupier and vacancy status.

In addition, LDO perfectly complements the wider LDC suite of products, including bespoke analysis and reporting for even more specific insights. For example, we can offer location type analysis to compare trends across shopping centres and retail parks. To find out more, click below to contact LDC Business Development Manager Katie Girdwood.

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Our methodology

As the only company to physically audit every GB retail and leisure business, we combine a dedicated office research team with a team of over 250 field researchers who visit over 700,000 venues on a regular basis, giving us the most accurate, timely view of the market. 

We collect 70 data points per premises, allowing us unparalleled depth, detail and flexibility to shape bespoke research and analysis and address specific objectives. 

To find out more about how our data and insights can support your business objectives, click below to get in touch.

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“We make extensive use of the LDO dashboard to put data behind the decision-making process across the core areas of our retail business. The Location Overview, vacancy rate and Health Index features dovetail with our other data sources to inform understanding of the strengths of an asset as well as potential areas for improvement. LDO is particularly effective in providing a consistent view across our own assets and those in the wider market. This understanding feeds into our ever-evolving asset strategies in addition to informing the investment decisions we take. We also use the Retailer Overview and Fastest-Growing features with our Brand Account Management team. These features inform how we support our established brand partners in executing their strategy as well as identifying the next generation of occupiers to feed into our target list.”

Joe Oxley

Senior Insight Manager



"LDC data provides the most comprehensive insight into retail occupancy nationally. With the data we can better appreciate variations of retail vacancy and the profile and footprint of retail provision across all retail places, and how the landscape has changed over time."

Tom Whittington

Director, Retail & Leisure Research



Katie G

As the rate of churn across the market continues to accelerate, it’s now more critical than ever to use reliable, robust and consistent data to support decision making across leasing, investment and asset management, with LDC’s market-leading location data forming an integral part of long-term strategic planning across the commercial property space."

-Katie Girdwood, LDC Business Development Manager


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