Accurate, next-level data that supercharges B2B sales and marketing efforts.

Data-driven growth

We help businesses scale by automating business development, allowing you to focus on turning leads into partners.

Precise and timely sales & marketing data saves teams the legwork of prospecting by providing a full view of the addressable market, helping to identify the most relevant growth opportunities before anyone else.

We have helped:

  • Save valuable time and resource for outbound sales teams
  • Decrease cost per lead on B2B marketing campaigns
  • Lend credibility to sales and marketing strategy, building confidence and trust among stakeholders
  • And much more

Better yet, this information syncs seamlessly with your CRM.




Business lead data


  • The entire UK retail, leisure and hospitality market– 700,000 stores– at your fingertips
  • Track your entire addressable market, from local independents to large holding company hierarchies
  • Don't miss a beat: live feed access to every new business opening and closure in real time
  • Almost 100 rich, informative data fields per individual store or business
  • Augment any location with demographics, consumer spend and competition data to better understand your pitch

local data online


Our online insights platform is the quickest and easiest way to stay on top of the ever-changing market.

  • Access location and classification overviews with flexible, easy-to-use dashboards
  • Export data at any time for enterprise-wide use across CRMs, BI tools and beyond
  • Dynamic live maps for intelligent location analysis and insight into local markets



We work on a range of strategic projects, tailored to specific business objectives.

Bespoke project work includes:

  • Measuring growth for reporting to investors during funding rounds
  • Reviewing existing client base to establish KPIs
  • Understanding the addressable market with sizing, penetration and gap analysis


LDC combines a dedicated office research team with a field research team who visit over 700,000 venues on a regular basis, giving us a best-in-class view of the British retail, hospitality, leisure and service markets.

This approach allows us to offer a highly accurate, close-to-real-time view of the market. The vast range of data we are able to collect gives us competitive levels of depth and detail, and the flexibility to shape bespoke research and analysis to meet specific objectives.

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Example applications for our data include:

  • Assessing current market penetration and opportunity to direct outbound sales and marketing activity
  • Gap analysis to find the largest remaining pockets of opportunity
  • Using Company Registration Numbers to connect prospective partner businesses to Companies House records to allow access to key stakeholder contact information

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Having the most up-to-date data possible is vital in a rapidly-changing market.

A small sample of the insight we offer, this dynamic map shows new openings over 2021, split by category: comparison, convenience, leisure and service. 

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Artboard 17

“Having access to thorough and detailed data from the Local Data Company helped us make informed decisions to fashion cost-efficient lead generation campaigns. Knowing your market and being able to deep dive into its different layers is per definition what makes marketeers successful."

Claire Brunel

B2B Marketing Manager

Too Good To Go

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"The team at LDC have always been super helpful in getting us the most from the platform. Their market knowledge is unrivalled, and really helps us work out both the questions we should be asking and then getting us the data we need to answer them."

Nick Brackenbury

Co-Founder & CEO