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Landsec: Using real-time data to understand the current market and support agile asset strategy
Date published: Date modified: 2023-03-09

As one of the UK’s leading commercial property development and investment companies, Landsec creates places that make a lasting positive contribution to our communities and our planet. Their portfolio spans 24 million sq. ft of retail, leisure, office and residential space, including some of the UK’s most recognisable retail destinations.

Landsec owes its continued growth to its timely response to changes in the market. The use of data helps them actively manage assets and adjust key investment and development activities to maximise return and mitigate risk. Starting as a project-based partnership in 2017, LDC has been delivering key data and insights specific to Landsec assets and changes in the surrounding areas as the market shifts and develops.

Landsec now take data for the entire market, ensuring that strategic activities across the wider business are based on real-time, reliable market data and provide visibility at not only an asset level, but also deliver trend data for the broader retail and leisure market across GB.

Understanding markets and customers inside and out

In the fast-moving retail market, our products help to automate business development activities, saving valuable time and resource. Landsec uses our proprietary online insights platform, Local Data Online, to build its understanding of specific retail sectors: who the sector’s key players are, how it is performing on a national and regional level and how the presence of its stores relate to Landsec’s existing catchments. Using LDO’s customisable reporting tools, Landsec can generate up-to-date analyses of the fastest-growing retailers, providing a ready-to-use list of prospective partners.


Intelligent asset and investment strategy

Local Data Online offers personalised dashboards that provide current, actionable insights at a glance. These insights allow Landsec to understand the health, market positioning and sector mix of its assets, and benchmark these against wider local, regional and national markets. From this, Landsec can identify new assets which could fit well into its portfolio.


Seamless integration with existing processes

LDO data integrates smoothly with Landsec’s existing data, allowing for an even fuller understanding of Landsec’s position in the UK market in terms of retail supply and demand metrics. With daily updates to our database of over 700,000 GB premises, and over 70 data points per site, LDO provides the most current, relevant and applicable retail location data with a diverse range of applications. Landsec are prolific and consistent users of LDO each month; the scope and applicability of data supports every member of the team across their individual areas of focus.

Joe Oxley Headshot“We make extensive use of the LDO dashboard to put data behind the decision-making process across the core areas of our retail business. The Location Overview, vacancy rate and Health Index features dovetail with our other data sources to inform understanding of the strengths of an asset as well as potential areas for improvement.

LDO is particularly effective in providing a consistent view across our own assets and those in the wider market. This understanding feeds into our ever-evolving asset strategies in addition to informing the investment decisions we take. We also use the Retailer Overview and Fastest-Growing features with our Brand Account Management team. These features inform how we support our established brand partners in executing their strategy as well as identifying the next generation of occupiers to feed into our target list.”

-Joe Oxley, Senior Insight Manager, Landsec


Katie G"It’s been a pleasure to work so closely with Landsec over the last few years, understanding their unique challenges and objectives as the retail and leisure market has evolved. With that, comes the requirement of varying degrees of data.

The scale and accuracy of LDC’s data allow Landsec to forensically examine the market at different levels, from granular detail on a specific asset or location, up to regional and national changes over several years.

It’s great to see LDC’s data adding value across several areas of the business including wider strategic activities, leasing and investment and neatly demonstrates how it’s more important than ever to use accurate, real-time market data to support long-term strategic decision-making."

-Katie Girdwood, Business Development Manager, Local Data Company


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Sarah Abu-Amero, LDC Marketing Executive

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