An Interview with Rob Lucy, Property Director at Tortilla Mexican Grill

The SmartStreetSensor Project

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We spoke with Rob to find out why Tortilla decided to join the SmartStreetSensor Project, what they believe the benefits will be and why they would encourage other leisure occupiers to do the same.

“Footfall is an imperative part of the site acquisition process as well as in benchmarking our existing sites – hence why the SmartStreetSensor project was such an attractive project for Tortilla.”

Why did you join the project?

We wanted to be part of this exciting project as we felt the study would provide an accurate insight into footfall which would be a benefit to all, so we invited LDC to incorporate several of our key locations throughout the UK to monitor footfall 24/7.

How will you plan to use the data?

This detailed hourly, weekly and monthly footfall data will be analysed in conjunction with our own in house data. This will allow us to better understand transactions and peaks and troughs so as to maximise sales by understanding footfall trends and utilising staffing levels appropriately.

This data feed gives Tortilla that extra layer in terms of understanding how our performance translates to what is actually going on outside on the high street.

What benefits do you see for Tortilla for being part of the project?

The benefits of the project for Tortilla will be to understand the relationship of footfall outside our stores and how that relates to conversion into sales in addition to understanding the relationship of good and bad footfall.

Also the academic research will be an invaluable tool in understanding how our High Streets work and pin point areas of growth or decline. It will be fascinating to see the results of this unique partnership between academics, analysts and operators.

SmartStreetSensor Project devices have now been allocated.

Don’t fear! You can still purchase devices at a commercially viable rate. If you would like to purchase a SmartStreetSensor device or raw footfall data, please contact Lucy Stainton on