How the Local Data Company supports fundraising for retailTRUST

About retailTRUST

Established in 1832, retailTRUST improves the wellbeing of retail employees and their families through emotional, physical, vocational and financial support. The charity helps individuals throughout their lives, from getting into retail all the way through to retirement.

Improving wellbeing

Improving lives

retailTRUST measures its social and economic impact to demonstrate how it improves lives across the sector. In 2019, retailTRUST delivered over £48 million of value to individuals and local communities, creating a social return on investment ratio of £5.69 for every £1 spent. This includes savings to the NHS through improved health and wellbeing, reduced welfare benefits, and increased HMRC revenue as a result of helping people to find employment.


The Trust offers a diverse range of services and programmes which include:

  • Emotional support
  • Free and confidential helpline
  • Face-to-face and telephone counselling
  • Personalised digital wellbeing support
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Financial assistance
  • Non-repayable grants
  • Redundancy help
  • Critical incident support
  • Legal guidance
  • Career development
  • Upskilling initiatives
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Apprenticeship degrees
  • Supported living for retail retirees 

Financial assistance during times of need

Sales Advisor Amanda recently contacted retailTRUST for help with funeral expenses.

“My mum passed away suddenly and obviously funeral expenses can be quite a lot when it all adds up so I visited the retailTRUST website to have a look at the grants they offer. There’s a section for emotional grants that can help with a number of things including funeral expenses so I applied for the grant to help with mum’s funeral. retailTRUST made the application easy and each step is updated on the grants portal. After just over a week I was accepted for a grant to help with the costs. retailTRUST was informative, helpful and I can’t recommend them enough to people. More people need to know about the charity and the services they offer for retail employees. All I can say is if you are in need of help, financially or emotionally, or just want advice on things then retailTRUST are amazing.”
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LDC's Support of the retailTRUST celebration

The Trust organises a range of fundraising events throughout the year to support the future of the important services they provide. Lucy Stainton, Head of Retail and Strategic Partnerships at the Local Data Company is Chair of the retailTRUST Celebration committee 2020 and has been supporting the event since 2013 so she knows first-hand how the Trust changes lives. The retailTRUST Celebration attracts the industry’s decision-makers and innovators, offering superb networking opportunities and the chance to hear how retailTRUST is improving the lives across the sector.

To find out more about the retailTRUST Celebration 2020 please email Lucy Stainton.

Email Lucy
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“I have been working with retailTRUST for over six years and I am delighted to Chair the 2020 fundraising committee. retailTRUST is such a huge asset to the industry, providing a real breadth of services across both wellness and career development. Given the Local Data Company’s core business, we are acutely aware of the seismic change taking place across UK retail. In 2018 we tracked an unprecedented level of churn, behind which is a vast population of industry colleagues who thankfully have retailTRUST to turn to in both good and challenging times.” 

Lucy Stainton, Head of Retail and Strategic Partnerships at the Local Data Company

Get in touch with retailTRUST

If you would like to find out more about how retailTRUST could work with your organisation, please get in touch with a member of their team.

Neil Duffy, Director of Wellbeing and Funding: 

Amy Prendergast, Director of Change, People and Learning: 

Visit the retailTRUST website at  

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Get in touch with us to find out more about our work with retailTRUST or to register your interest for the retailTRUST celebration events.