Leverage our proprietary technology to host devices and capture pedestrian footfall flows around your stores/locations, or access anonymised data on our entire GB network online through our heatmap.

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Host devices

Host devices

Our proprietary footfall technology allows host sites to track the pavement opportunity passing by a location in order to understand hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly fluctuations in footfall density.

Our technology can be used to:

Track the impact of external events

Track the impact of external activity and seasonality on footfall around your estate including weather and local initiatives.

Measure marketing campaigns

Quantify the impact of marketing campaigns and promotions across stores or regions with live tracking of store conversion rates.

Understand the value of location

Quantify the value and potential impact of an asset’s location and identify the most impactful times to display advertising or deploy field marketing teams.

Benchmark store performance

Benchmark asset performance based on like-for-like footfall to ensure that your portfolio is performing to its full potential.

Compare day and night time economies

Compare day and night time economies around your estate to identify new opportunities and optimise operational models including opening hours.

Understand trends across key trading hours

Understand trends around key trading hours to inform operational models, e.g. management of stock and staffing levels.

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Access the entire footfall network though our online heatmap

Our online footfall heatmap enables access to granular footfall data across the entire network of sensors

Watch the 2-minute demo video.

Footfall heatmap

By accessing the heatmap you can build a picture of footfall around key locations providing powerful insight on:

Footfall hotspots

Which exact pitch enjoys heightened levels of footfall at the most appropriate times for your business.

Pitch location

Pinpoint the most impactful location to place field marketing teams, outdoor media or host events within a market and identify when footfall is likely to be the highest.

Asset feasibility

Determine how many viable assets you can operate within a location, through analysis of footfall densities and gaps in the retail and leisure mix.

 Pitch analysis

Identify the best locations to open a new store/asset based on footfall flows and an accurate understanding of the surrounding environment.


Track the impact of environmental change

Quantify how footfall is impacted by environmental factors, by layering LDC’s other datasets including openings and closures, health index, vacancy data and surrounding retail and leisure provision.

Access raw footfall data files

Access raw footfall data files

We can also provide data on our network of sensors, available as an .xls or a .csv file. We can segment these footfall counts by hour, day, week or month as required and can provide information split by location in the most appropriate way for your analysis.

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What our clients say
As early adopters of this great technology, we use LDC’s footfall devices to gain an accurate understanding of footfall flows past our restaurants. We get a really valuable source of data which enables us to drill down into performance so that we can tailor our activity to each particular restaurant. For example, the granularity of the data enables us to accurately understand traffic flows during every trading hour and also to be able to compare across our estate - that’s very useful on so many levels. Over the past year, LDC have provided strong support and are always willing to take on our feedback to provide maximum value, resulting in a true partnership approach.
John Upton, LEON
Former Managing Director