Leverage our established
network of researchers


Leverage our established network of researchers

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Use our team of field researchers to collect any data point required on the retail, leisure or location environment in a commercially viable way. Our researchers cover the breadth of Great Britain each year, physically visiting over 600,000 premises, including 300,300 independent stores – a meticulous process which is unique to LDC and results in accurate, up-to-date and powerful data.


Examples of data we can collect

  • POS technology in use in a store/presence of contactless payments
  • Money services provided
  • Music playing
  • Click and collect and online returns services provided
  • Brand presence within a store (Coca-Cola, Apple, L’Oréal etc)
  • Delivery services used (Deliveroo, UberEats/Amazon Prime)
  • Vending machine/refrigeration brand/quality
  • Burglar alarm presence and brand
  • Availability of car parking/washing services
  • Public services availability (toilets, park benches, locations of bins)
  • Office information (including occupier details)
  • Bus stops and travel information
  • Outdoor markets presence
  • Community services information
  • And much, much more
How it works

How it works

1) You tell us what information you would like us to collect.

2) Our team can collect data on 75% of the 600,000+ premises we currently track over 6 months and 95% in 12 months.

3) You only pay for the data that you need and can segment our database any way you want, for example by:

  • Store type (fashion, food and beverage, convenience stores etc.)
  • Location type (high streets, shopping centres, retail parks or out of town locations)
  • Region
  • Independent stores or multiples only
  • By brand
  • Bespoke boundaries/drive time radius
At NewRiver we are very research focused which is why we use LDC. We use research to support our acquisition programme, improving our asset management capability and maximising the potential in our development portfolio. LDC provide us with wide ranging data that is accurate and current. Moreover they are able to articulate that data to NewRiver in a relevant way. Research is important as it allows for better decision making and reduces risk which is why we wouldn't hesitate to recommend LDC.
Allan Lockhart, NewRiver
Allan Lockhart, NewRiver
Property Director

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