COVID-19 Strategic Support

We have a range of strategic tools to support the recovery of businesses invested in the retail and leisure sector during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Covid-19 recovery index for retailers

Bespoke strategic support

Our insight team can deliver a range of strategic projects designed to aid the recovery of occupiers, investors and property managers following the impact of prolonged lockdown on property assets and stores. Our work includes portfolio analysis and reopening strategy for occupiers, investment analysis for property investors and we have developed a new Local Data Company Recovery Index, which can analyse and rank a portfolio by the pace at which the surrounding pitch will recover.

Bespoke COVID-19 impact analysis

Using historical data alongside our real-time view of the GB retail and leisure market, we can complete analysis to track and quantify the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on any location, brand, or property portfolio. Analysis that is critical in developing a long-term recovery strategy.


Questions we can help you answer

  • Which stores should I reopen and when?
  • How will the health of my portfolio be impacted by the pandemic?
  • Where are the investment opportunities?
  • Which parts of my portfolio are most at risk?
  • How should my medium - long term location strategy change?
  • How will the structure of my town centre change?
  • How have my competitors' portfolios been impacted by the pandemic?

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