New white paper - A new way to understand your consumer audience

April 20, 2018

Today we have released a new white paper, written by Relationship Manager Chris Fowler entitled ‘A New Way to Understand Your Consumer Audience’.

In this paper, Chris talks about a new way that marketers and media planners can use supply-side retail and leisure data to understand the consumer types that are likely to be passing within a proximity of any OOH advertising, field marketing teams or digital media.

With GDPR being a hot topic that will impact not only the marketing sector, but hundreds of thousands of businesses across the UK, the need to obtain informed consent when dealing with personal data is vital, yet can sometimes be tricky. Using LDC’s database on over 600,000 retail and leisure premises, we can use data modelling techniques to map out areas which certain consumer types are likely to be located, using supply-side data, as opposed to personal data on consumer locations.

This method can be applied to a range of metrics including where the brands with an online presence are located, where the clusters of night-time operators are, where the premium or value brands are located within a town, where the footfall hotspots are and many more. This results in the ability to tailor both messaging and creative in order to be as impactful as possible and ultimately increase ROI.

To learn more about how this method can increase the ROI of your campaigns, access the white paper for free by following this link.

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