10 Key Findings from the Convenience Stores: The Inconvenient Truth Report

26 June 2015 by Mark Colgan

For those who haven't downloaded our latest report Convenience Stores Report "The Inconvenient Truth" we have put together a summary of the key findings here:

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What does the rise of the discounters tell us?

25 June 2015 by Matthew Hopkinson

Today we published a sequel to the report we wrote last month on the rise of the discounters versus the ‘big four’ supermarkets but this time we included all the major convenience stores including those of the supermarkets – so in a nutshell the full range of the grocery market. The headline results you may have seen in the Financial Times or heard on the BBC or indeed elsewhere as they make interesting reading!

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Why has convenience retail cooled in the UK’s shopping centres?

12 June 2015 by Matthew Hopkinson

Yesterday I had the pleasure of presenting to the British Council of Shopping Centres North conference in a lovely hotel just outside Chester. The title given to the conference was ‘More for Less’ and I was asked to present on the title ‘Convenience is Cool’.

When I first thought about this my gut feeling was ‘yes- convenience retail (supermarkets, c-stores etc) have been expanding rapidly in shopping centres and in many cases have become the new anchor’. Further investigation of the data told me that I was right – if I was in 2013. However, as I sit and type in June 2015, I am wrong. Many people at the conference were also surprised by what I had to tell them based on LDC’s physical walking and analysis of the top 700 shopping centres.

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Supermarkets vs Discounters: Where are supermarkets most at risk from the rise of the discounters?

12 May 2015 by Local Data Company

Our latest report looks at the growth of the supermarkets and the discounters from 2010 - 2015. It analyses growth by fascia and by town and identifies how and where the main stream supermarkets have seen growth in competition and thus loss of market share as the discounters have opened up around them.

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Why did the supermarkets ignore the discounters until it was too late?

11 May 2015 by Local Data Company

Today we published a report titled: Supermarkets vs Discounters. Where are supermarkets most at risk from the rise of the discounters? Matthew Hopkinson has provided some commentary on the report as well as a high level overview to some of the findings. You can read the full post on Matthew's blog here.

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Recovery? Real, respite or rubbish?

17 January 2014 by Local Data Company

The last two weeks have seen a plethora of data about the economy and the state of retail in general. Today the latest ONS figures show retail sales up 5% year on year for December with independents fairing well. How these figures are derived I have no idea but what is clear is that it was a mixed Christmas trading period with a real spread of performances. The variances of what L4L sales are vary from retailer to retailer but it is clear to me that the one word that sums it all up is ‘polarisation’. Polarisation in the context I mean is related to sales. Those retailers that are growing sales and profitability (Next), those that are growing sales at the cost of profits (Debenhams) and those doing neither (Morrisons and Mothercare).

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The week of reckoning - what the Christmas trading results say!

10 January 2014 by Local Data Company

Firstly, may I take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy New Year! I think that 2014 is going to be a very interesting year for retail and is going to be one of polarisation between retailers, brands, places and people. There is much talk of a recovery albeit it tentatively which is good news as in many cases consumer confidence and resulting sentiment builds off such news. House prices are one good example, which shows the diversity in recovery depending on where you live! Sevenoaks folk will be delighted but the poor folk of Blackburn perhaps not or indeed the folk of Whalley in Lancashire who are due to see a double of their housing stock with new builds.

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