Has the internet killed the role of department stores?

16 February 2017 by Matthew Hopkinson

Department stores have been the feature of the British high street for centuries. They made their entry onto the high street in the late 19th Century and since then some original names have gone and others have survived. For example, Harrods, probably the best known internationally, opened its doors in London in 1834 and remained as one iconic store until very recently when it expanded into airports.

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Scotland's Towns and Retail - from Turmoil to Turnaround?

23 December 2016 by Phil Prentice

Retail is a very important sector to the wider Scottish economy – there are more than 20,000 businesses, 250,000 jobs and it’s a £7bn market. 

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Mind the Gap – why total retail requires finite detail

26 October 2016 by Matthew Hopkinson

Many words are used to describe the modern retailing environment – multi-channel, omni-channel, e-tail, total retail, e-commerce etc.

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Guest Post: US Retail Staying Alive!

29 October 2015 by Local Data Company

At the recent ULI Fall Meeting in San Francisco, retail was a hot topic as it was one of the first main real estate sectors to feel the impact of technology. One could argue that it is further down the road in embracing the subsequent disruption and assessing the implications for the physical property side.

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World Retail Congress 2015 – where do shops fit?

08 October 2015 by Lucy Stainton

A month ago today I was lucky enough to be flying out to Rome as part of the UK Trade & Investment World Retail Congress delegation.

Initially I was daunted, not least because the relentless focus on “omni-channel”, “digital” and “disruptive technologies” made this humble location planner feel a bit irrelevant. I was seemingly a dinosaur in a world of touch screen jackets and beacon technology. What a tragedy, still in my mid-twenties and already on the industry shelf…

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Amazon Prime Day – the significance lies not just in the pricing!

16 July 2015 by Matthew Hopkinson

In case you missed it yesterday was the UK’s first Amazon Prime Day. There are a number of things to note:

  1. This was a promotional event just by Amazon unlike the last November’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  2. It was Amazon Prime members only who pay £79 a year (up from £49 in 2014) for being a Prime member.
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