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Britain’s shop vacancy rate drops to 13.2% in December

12 January 2015 by Local Data Company

The picture across Great Britain
Britain’s vacancy drops to 13.2% in December. The overall retail and leisure vacancy rate has remained at 11.8%.

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2015 - What does it hold for retailers, towns, retail parks and shopping centres?

02 January 2015 by Local Data Company
In his first post of 2015 Matthew Hopkinson, Director at The Local Data Company, asks what 2015 will hold for retailers, towns, retail parks and shopping centres? You can read the full post on Mathew's blog by clicking here. Read more

A year in review. What did LDC do in 2014?

22 December 2014 by Local Data Company

2014 has been a busy and fruitful year for The Local Data Company. Throughout the year we have hosted 6 events across the UK that attracted over 685 attendees. These events would not have been a success without the contributions from panelists and attendees so thank you all for your contribution.

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UK Retail – facts, measurements and viewpoints.

10 November 2014 by Local Data Company

British Government figures from 2012 show that UK wholesale and retail trade contributed 16% of economic output and 16% (4.3 million people) of employment. More up to date data from April 2014 shows that consumers in the UK spent around £27 billion and of every £1 spent (online or in shops but excluding petrol stations) £0.47 was spent in food stores and £0.46 was spent in non-food stores with the remainder spent in market stores.

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More Independent shops open in H1 2014 than at any time since 2011

16 October 2014 by Local Data Company
This week we published some analysis on the health of the independent shops sector. It shows that traditional independent shops and leisure outlets continue to increase in Britain’s town centres whilst the chains continue to retreat. Contrary to popular belief independent high street businesses have continued to grow every year since 2009 albeit in smaller numbers as the years have passed.
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Britain’s shop vacancy rate in August falls to its lowest level since June 2010

05 September 2014 by Local Data Company


Britain’s vacancy rate fell in August to 13.3% from 13.4% in July. This is its lowest level since June 2010.

The overall retail and leisure vacancy rate also decreased from 11.9% to 11.8% 

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GB Shop Vacancy Rate- June

04 July 2014 by Local Data Company

Britain’s shop vacancy rate in June remains stable at its lowest level since June 2010. 

Britain’s shop vacancy rate has remained stable at 13.4% in June. The picture remains stable across both retail and leisure uses which is reflected in the overall vacancy rate remaining at 11.9% in June.

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Are our vacant shops filling up?

05 June 2014 by Local Data Company

LDC publishes today its latest national vacancy rates from May 2014. The simple answer is that the last six months have seen a progressive improvement in the shop vacancy rate for Great Britain. This is significant, as we have not seen such a prolonged period of consistent reduction in the number of empty shops in our town centres.

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Fashion from a consumer point of view and the relationship between bricks and clicks!

08 May 2014 by Local Data Company

The fashion industry is worth £26billion to the UK's economy, which is an increase of 22% since 2009 (British Fashion Council) but what is driving the increase in profit? According to research by Oxford Economics the number of jobs in the industry is down by 2.4% since 4 years ago, but with an increase in wholesale production as well as other factors such as tourism and financial services playing a part, the fashion industry is still booming. 

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We are running out of bricks so we must be out of recession?

06 May 2014 by Local Data Company

Deidre Hipwell in The Times recently wrote (27 March 2014) ‘The making of bricks in Britain has fallen so steeply that the country has the equivalent of only about two months’ of supply in stock, an industry leader has warned.’

The head of Michelmersh Brick Holdings said that a “difficult five years” meant that brick stock levels had fallen from 1.1 billion bricks to 332 million, adding that “you can’t just switch that production back on overnight”.

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