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Globalisation and investment cycles – what could possibly go wrong?

21 November 2014 by Local Data Company

I  have spent the last two days immersed in the Grand Hotel Brighton with the great and the good of the institutional market at the Investment Property Databank (IPD) and Investment Property Forum (IPF) annual conference. It was a very thought provoking event and a pleasure to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. The quality of conversation was excellent in that it challenged my limited economics knowledge and at the same time enabled me to learn from such exceptional economics commentators including Robert Peston (BBC Economics editor) and Gerard Lyons (adviser to Boris Johnson).

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Occupier Dashboard - Available today! Take a test drive

10 November 2014 by Local Data Company
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UK investor sentiment and reality – Q3 2014.

03 November 2014 by Local Data Company

As a member of the Investment Property Forum (IPF) I attend the Investment Property Databank (IPD) who are now owned by MCSCI, joint investment update with the IPF.

Today was the day to see the numbers from Q3 2014. In summary, it was very positive news with regards the market being as strong as it has been pre the crash in 2007/8. 

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How does your location rate?

22 October 2014 by Local Data Company

What makes a place successful as a retail and leisure destination? As consumers, we tend to be rather fickle and what attracts us to a place one week may, in due course, fall out of our favour...

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What determines the ‘health’ of a place?

22 August 2014 by Local Data Company

Last week we released a new overview dashboard to our online insight platform (LDO). This was not just a software release but also a significant milestone on our journey to better understand the heartbeat of the UK’s retail and leisure locations many of which are a key feature of many communities.

As part of the ‘jigsaw’ we are building at LDC the new pieces, which we brought to the new overview tab, were;

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Are footfall stats as relevant and significant as they once used to be?

24 April 2014 by Local Data Company

Footfall has been a key health barometer for shopping locations but in light of the changing purpose of our shopping places and the rise of leisure uses is it as significant as it once was?

Regularly footfall statistics are published by a number of providers and often there can be differences in numbers and trends, which I presume are a result of differing collection methods, locations and analysis. There have been new entrants in the market as well, namely the mobile phone operators who track every movement of our mobile phones.

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Has Rotherham turned a corner?

17 April 2014 by Local Data Company

There has been lots of media interest around Mary Portas’ visit to Rotherham recently and it appears that great things have been happening there with the town team. In light of a blog I read this morning saying that LDC misrepresents the vacancy rate then I felt it appropriate to reply with what the field researched data tells me. Our field army last visited Rotherham in January so the analysis that I am going to allude to is from then and not now! Rotherham, as many will know, has many challenges in common with other towns and cities up and down the country. 

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Who owns UK property? Not who you might think!

01 April 2014 by Local Data Company

I am fortunate to be a member of the Investment Property Forum (, which is an organization, like a club, that only allows membership after you have been vetted as ‘suitable’. It’s website descriptor is;

“Set up in 1988, the Investment Property Forum (IPF) is the leading UK property investment organisation for individual members. It comprises an influential network of senior professionals all active in the property investment market.

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Business rates - tax or subsidy?

04 March 2014 by Local Data Company

This week has seen another report on our high streets, this one from Ken Shuttleworth (The Gherkin architect) and others along with the BIS Select Committee stating that business rates are ‘not fit for purpose and need a complete overhaul’. This follows on from other reports of which the Grimsey Review, through solid evidence based research, in its 12th recommendation stated ‘The business rates system needs a root and branch review to establish a flexible system that will reflect changes in economic conditions as they occur’. The facts as detailed in the Grimsey Review are as follows;

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Change is constant at LDC with new features released today on LDC's online insight platform

27 November 2013 by Local Data Company

As you may or may not know we collect and aggregate a lot of data every day at LDC and the challenge does not lie just in the collection but most importantly the distribution. Making data intelligent, visual, clear, exciting and above all bring it alive is one of my daily challenges and the team at LDC are, genuinely, market leaders in doing this. So here is what we have been up to as our mantra is continual improvement on a 4-6 week basis so that we can leverage the data more and answer the questions that our clients have. It is only form this sound knowledge base that I can speak in great depth on the subject of cities, towns and the role of retail and leisure within them.

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