The impact of the extinction rebellion protest on Easter footfall in London's West End

29 April 2019 by James Anderson

Last week saw hundreds of passionate 'Extinction Rebellion' protesters hit the streets of London, protesting to raise awareness of the impact of climate change across the world. The impact on traffic, commuters and businesses has been widely reported, with retailers' sales being hit hard during the week. I wanted to take a look at the impact on footfall across this area, with our SmartStreetSensors being active in this area, comparing the Easter week last year (week 13) and the slightly later Easter this year (week 16). Here are some of my top-line findings:


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Black friday footfall analysis

28 November 2018 by James Anderson

Love it or hate it, Black Friday is one of the major retail events of the year with some retailers offering huge discounts across products in a bid to attract shoppers to their stores. Insight Analyst James Anderson reviews the data from our network of SmartStreetSensor footfall devices to understand the footfall trends for this year compared to 2017.

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Day-time vs night-time footfall flows - understanding changes in the 'night owl' economy.

01 August 2018 by Chris Fowler

As LDC’s network of footfall sensors continues to grow, it’s revealing ever more interesting and actionable insights about how our towns are used – especially in these turbulent times of change in both the retail environment and weather extremes, which have both had a strong influence in recent months.

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Four ways footfall data can power investment strategy

18 April 2018 by Clara Molin

LDC’s SmartStreetSensor footfall tracking network now comprises over 1,000 allocated devices, ranging from Aberdeen down to Plymouth and a huge range of locations in between. As our network continues to grow in size, it also grows in value each week as more sensors age and start to yield comparable year-on-year insights. With many in the retail and investment market acknowledging a challenging environment, the need to use data as evidence to intelligently discover where opportunities lie has become more critical than ever. LDC has been tracking the retail and leisure market for over 10 years now, and through our powerful combination of field and desk research, we have built a rich database of historical trend information which can help us to predict where this market will go next. However, we believe that the next frontier in understanding how our retail locations are used is being able to track footfall, not just coming into stores and assets, but also the pavement opportunity outside.

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The snow must go on! Local communities keep moving in the face of ‘The Beast from the East’

09 March 2018 by Chris Fowler

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock (which you might have been to avoid the weather last week) you’ll have been fully aware of the Siberian storm to hit the UK, lovingly named ‘The Beast from the East’ by the media and the general public. The pandemonium caused by the snow and freezing temperatures that arrived with ‘The Beast’ were further increased by another weather system, storm Emma which hit from the West, meaning that the majority of the UK entered a ‘deep freeze’, seeing temperatures dip to -10 plus! The two storms caused widespread travel chaos, affecting buses, trains and planes, rendering many housebound from Tuesday through to Saturday when the storm passed and the thawing began.

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Data: What’s next on the menu? - How to use footfall to identify and leverage new opportunities

14 February 2018 by Lucy Stainton

The increasing cost base that the F&B sector has faced is well documented but it’s the top line threat that has become all the more apparent over the last 6 months. Is this a short term consumer spending squeeze or a more fundamental shift in behaviour? Understanding the cause, can help manage trends and ensure you are making the most of your portfolio. Here, Lucy Stainton from Local Data Company (LDC) looks at the importance of footfall data.

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The impact of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival on footfall

01 November 2017 by Noelle Ghanem and Chris Fowler

Every August, thousands of performers from around the world take over Scotland’s capital to present an amazing range of shows making this event the world’s largest arts festival - the “Edinburgh Arts Festival” combining the famous “Fringe Festival” and the “Edinburgh International Festival”.

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LDC’s game changing new footfall heat map will be released on 14th September

17 August 2017 by Ivana Mogin

LDC’s ground-breaking new GB footfall heat map is being launched on 14th September 2017 and will enable you to:

  • Build an accurate picture of hourly footfall activity around your estate or micro-locations.
  • Benchmark the performance of your portfolio against the rest of the market.
  • Understand the viability of locations and how appropriate your operating model is for the local environment.
  • Understand the impact of key events and seasonality within a town centre.
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Showcasing hourly footfall heat maps in Edinburgh

05 July 2017 by Chris Fowler

We've been working on an exciting new footfall dashboard which will be available from September 2017.

LDC’s new Footfall Maps Dashboard aims to bring data to life for each city, showing you the hourly ebb and flow of footfall within each location, and providing wider context with business and vacancy overlays.

The map provides access to the data from any of the smartstreetsensors locations within the project partnership, and strikes a balance between protecting the confidentiality of individual host occupiers and providing visualisation at a geographic level that is granular enough to help you make decisions.

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Analyse the feasibility of potential locations with our new footfall report

30 June 2017 by Sarah Phillips

As the coverage of our footfall technology grows, we are pleased to offer a new report which will allow occupiers looking to acquire a new site to view what the footfall counts are for that market and what trends are likely to impact the success of a potential store in that area.

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