The impact of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival on footfall

01 November 2017 by Noelle Ghanem and Chris Fowler

Every August, thousands of performers from around the world take over Scotland’s capital to present an amazing range of shows making this event the world’s largest arts festival - the “Edinburgh Arts Festival” combining the famous “Fringe Festival” and the “Edinburgh International Festival”.

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Showcasing hourly footfall heat maps in Edinburgh

05 July 2017 by Chris Fowler

We've been working on an exciting new footfall dashboard which will be available from September 2017.

LDC’s new Footfall Maps Dashboard aims to bring data to life for each city, showing you the hourly ebb and flow of footfall within each location, and providing wider context with business and vacancy overlays.

The map provides access to the data from any of the smartstreetsensors locations within the project partnership, and strikes a balance between protecting the confidentiality of individual host occupiers and providing visualisation at a geographic level that is granular enough to help you make decisions.

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