Prof. Leigh Sparks and Matthew Hopkinson discuss Scotland's 2016 retail position on BBC Radio Scotland

December 14, 2016

On December 13, LDC with the University of Stirling held its 4th Scottish Retail and Leisure Summit. During the event, the latest findings on the retail health and emerging trends across Scotland were presented.

John Beattie from BBC Radio Scotland interviewed Prof. Leigh Sparks and Matthew Hopkinson after the event, to understand the retail and leisure mix across Scottish cities and towns. The following points were discussed:

  • The rise in independent retailers across Scotland
  • The increase in leisure providers across the board
  • How consumer change affects retailers' behaviour
  • The structural retail change across Scotland
  • What the future holds for Scottish towns and cities over the next five years
  • Getting away from the monoculture found in towns
  • The need to bring people back into town centres
  • How Scottish retail parks are performing
  • How councils could make it easier for people to park
  • Why local butchers are put out of business and yet, people queue up at famers market
  • The trend for shoppers to drive to out of town shopping centres, which is forcing town centres to change
  • The change of use for shops - converting them into accommodations, workshops

Click here and skip to 36:03 to hear Prof. Sparks and Matthew's interview.

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