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Matthew Hopkinson talks about the Tesco Booker deal on Radio 4's You & Yours

05 May 2017 by Sarah Phillips

Matthew Hopkinson, Director at LDC, talks about the Tesco Booker deal on today's You & Yours program.

Looking at Peterborough, Tesco and Booker owned stores currently make up 27% of the food shops in the area. In some towns in GB, this number can rise up to 40%. Matthew spoke to the You & Yours program today to discuss the impact of the takeover. His view is that whilst some may be concerned that this will increase Tesco's control of the food market, and could lead to less stores being required, it may also prove to drive down prices for consumers as Tesco can increase efficiency. Matthew went on to say that it is very much still up for debate.

Listen to the piece on the You & Yours program and skip to 2:35 to hear the piece about the Tesco and Booker.

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