Matthew Hopkinson talks about the impact of the EU referendum on the vacancy rate for July 2016 on BBC Scotland

12 August 2016 by Noelle Ghanem

Pre-Brexit uncertainty sees a -46% drop in retail and leisure property activity levels in July 2016 compared to July 2015. This was due to stakeholders in the property sector delaying major property decisions, such as new store openings, developments and conversions, in the lead up to the referendum in June.

BBC Sctoland asked Matthew Hopkinson a few questions on the impact of the EU referendum on the retail market, these included:

  • What kind of projects were put on hold?
  • Was this just the result of a shock a few had expected or will there actually be a reluctance to move forward with those projects?
  • The shop vacancy overall was only up silightly in July. Is that an encouraging thing or is it just too early to tell?
  • What's the picture like from town centre to town centre?
  • How challenging would it be to fill the vacant BHS units?

Click here and skip to 01:49 to hear the segment where Matthew discusses the impact of Brexit on the retail market and explains the drop in retail and leisure property activity levels in July 2016.


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