Matthew Hopkinson talks about Supermarkets, Discounters and Convenience stores on BBC Radio 4's You & Yours program

June 15, 2017

Matthew Hopkinson, Director at LDC, talks about Supermarkets, Discounters and Convenience stores on Wednesday's You & Yours program.

Matthew talks about how the slowdown in Supermarket growth is hugely significant in a market that has been growing anywhere between 2-7% year on year. Over the past few years Supermarkets have been opening all over the country and increasingly new and alternative formats have been opening for these stores. 

Matthew explains how the slowdown in growth indicates that the space for race is over and talks about how the disposal of the 'big box' out-of-town units has started for Supermarkets.

He continues to talk about convenience stores, how Sainsbury's and Tesco have been opening a lot of stores with this format which has lead the net growth for the 'Big 4'. Other newsworthy growth is the rise of independent convenience stores, which have grown by over 400 last year alone.

Finally, Matthew discusses how this trend carries through to the discounters, where growth has slowed from 10% right down to just under 3%. This is also indicated in the Poundland/99p acquisition and the reduction in stores for Poundstretcher.

Matthew finishes with his prediction for the future...

Click the image below and forward to 0:50 to hear the interview.

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