Matthew Hopkinson speaks about independent and multiple convenience stores on BBC Radio Nottingham

August 9, 2017

There has been some concern amongst the local independent business community in West Bridgford that a new Sainsbury's Local will impact the local area negatively and will take business away from some of the local independent operators. LDC Director Matthew Hopkinson was asked to provide his opinion on the independent convenience market, based on LDC's data.

Matthew spoke about:

  • The fact that there is plenty of room for both independent and multiple operators.
  • The need for independent and multiple convenience operators to come together to create 'convenience retail destinations' where time poor shoppers can do multiple things in one location, in one trip. Creating these locations will help to attract more shoppers from further afield.
  • To survive, independent stores should focus on providing high quality products and great customer service, which the chains can struggle to provide.

His final message was that independent convenience stores can thrive in today's market, but they will need to work hard.

Click here or the image below and forward to 2:10:42 to hear the interview.

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