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[Video] Expert opinion from the 5th Retail Market Trends Summit

01 April 2016 by Mark Colgan

During our 5th Retail Market Trends Summit we asked the expert members of our panel about the current state of retail, how some of the issues raised in the H2 2015 Retail Market Trends Report can be addressed and what changes they can foresee in 2016.

Below, you will find three videos where Michael Weedon - Deputy CEO of bira, Eva Pascoe - E-commerce Director at TheRetailPractice and Andrew Angeli - Head of UK Research at CBRE Global Investors give their answers.

What does the LDC report tell you about the state of the UK’s retail places?

How do you believe some of the issues raised in the LDC report can be addressed?

What changes in the Retail Market do you foresee over the next 12 months?

You can download a summary of the H2 2015 Retail Market Trends Report: Crossroads here or by clicking below:

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