BDO’s High Street Sales Tracker

February 21, 2018

The High Street Sales Tracker (HSST) is a weekly report on like-for-like retail sales which is compiled from retail contributors across the UK. HSST works by bringing together the results of retailers with not only a physical presence but also those with multi-channels and those purely online. BDO collate the data and create a like-for-like measure and through the trends and analysis that they have available, issue a weekly report alongside more in-depth reports. This offers contributors an accurate way of benchmarking their performance against others in the market and against the general consumer shopping patterns. The HSST covers fashion, homewares and lifestyle, in-store and online.

The team at BDO require a small amount of like-for-like sales data each week, and in return contributors receive a full report into their inboxes that day providing a real time, weekly analysis of the sector enabling retailers to benchmark against competitors, monitor their own performance and receive insight into their particular trends in their segment of the market.

The strength of the tracker relies on contributors providing the data which we are always seeking to expand. For this reason, BDO have always chosen to make the analysis free to all of those who submit the data. What’s more, all of the data is kept completely confidential and the name of our contributors is also confidential so that the overall result cannot be related back to a contributor.

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If you’d like to sign up, or you have any questions please email the BDO team at

Alternatively, visit BDO’s website for more information.

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