Day-time vs night-time footfall flows - understanding changes in the 'night owl' economy.

01 August 2018 by Chris Fowler

As LDC’s network of footfall sensors continues to grow, it’s revealing ever more interesting and actionable insights about how our towns are used – especially in these turbulent times of change in both the retail environment and weather extremes, which have both had a strong influence in recent months.

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The snow must go on! Local communities keep moving in the face of ‘The Beast from the East’

09 March 2018 by Chris Fowler

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock (which you might have been to avoid the weather last week) you’ll have been fully aware of the Siberian storm to hit the UK, lovingly named ‘The Beast from the East’ by the media and the general public. The pandemonium caused by the snow and freezing temperatures that arrived with ‘The Beast’ were further increased by another weather system, storm Emma which hit from the West, meaning that the majority of the UK entered a ‘deep freeze’, seeing temperatures dip to -10 plus! The two storms caused widespread travel chaos, affecting buses, trains and planes, rendering many housebound from Tuesday through to Saturday when the storm passed and the thawing began.

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Showcasing hourly footfall heat maps in Edinburgh

05 July 2017 by Chris Fowler

We've been working on an exciting new footfall dashboard which will be available from September 2017.

LDC’s new Footfall Maps Dashboard aims to bring data to life for each city, showing you the hourly ebb and flow of footfall within each location, and providing wider context with business and vacancy overlays.

The map provides access to the data from any of the smartstreetsensors locations within the project partnership, and strikes a balance between protecting the confidentiality of individual host occupiers and providing visualisation at a geographic level that is granular enough to help you make decisions.

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Springwatch London: How Business Improvement Districts in central and outer London face different challenges managing the impact of seasonal footfall

06 June 2017 by Chris Fowler

LDC currently works with 25 Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) or Councils that have a focus on understanding dynamics within their town centres. With around half of these clients within Greater London, we are often called upon to provide insight into the trends that are shaping our capital.

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Heritage high streets benefit on Mother's Day, as social data gets local

05 April 2017 by Chris Fowler

Did you take your Mum out for Sunday lunch for Mother’s Day?

Personally, I failed this year and resorted to sending flowers ordered online, but when I used to live closer to my parents in times gone by, a family lunch at one of our local country pubs was always a winner.

We’d rarely venture into any of our local town centres to celebrate the day – being country bumpkins, the thought didn’t even cross our minds. I reckon I’m not alone in this tradition, but I’m curious to know if this is a wider trend that can be measured. In simplistic terms, I’d expect ‘urban’ footfall to decrease on Mother’s Day itself, and for quaint rural locations to benefit.

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The impact of Valentine's Day on Footfall

09 March 2017 by Chris Fowler

Valentine's Day is a key date for most retailers and leisure occupiers. With an estimate of £458.7 million spent on Valentine's Day in the UK this year (according to PwC), this day now rivals retail events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Chris Fowler, Relationship Manager at LDC, looks at the impact Valentine's Day had on Footfall in Nottingham and Brighton.

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