Bespoke Reports

Detailed analysis designed for decision making

Marketing Collaterals Reports.png

Download those sample reports and get an idea of one of the many bespoke reports we can design for you to help you make better decisions.

Here's what the reports include:

Pitch Strategy Report:

  • Should we relocate our site in X Location?
  • Is our unit best placed within X Location?
  • Is our unit located within the optimum location for footfall traffic?
  • Where is our unit placed relative to our competitors or proxy brands?


Location Feasibility Report:

  • Should I invest in this location?
  • Is there a viable number of my target customers in this location?
  • What is the penetration of the market in this prospective location?
  • What brands have opened/closed around this prospective site that might impact my unit’s success? and where are the vacant units?
  • What are the footfall trends around my prospective site and for the location as a whole?


The Footfall Analysis Report will include:

  • Key Findings Benchmarked
  • Weekly Footfall Benchmarked
  • Daily Footfall Percentage
  • Change: Weekend vs. Weekday
  • Impact of Seasonality on Footfall Levels
  • Additional Analysis LDC can offer

To download your copy of the bespoke report(s) please complete the form on this page. You will receive an email with your report shortly.