How music tech company Ambie use LDC data to focus outbound sales and prospecting activities

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“We use LDC’s data to create bespoke, targeted lists that are sent to our outbound sales team for prospecting. The most valuable aspect of the data for us is the number of locations a specific business has and knowing that the information is accurate and up-to-date. We charge per location so knowing that number in advance is critical to our ability to segment and prioritise.” – Gideon Chain, CEO at Ambie


Ambie is the company behind a revolutionary music curation technology, designed to enhance the customer experience in physical stores by playing music to influence shopper mood and behaviours. Ambie design bespoke playlists which are tailored to a brand, customer demographic and trading patterns. These playlists are delivered via a small palm-sized box which connects to an existing sound system which staff have full control of via an easy-to-use app available on any mobile, tablet or computer.

Ambie has been working with LDC since 2016 when they identified the need for accurate and comprehensive market information to focus the sales team’s prospecting activities. As a young business with ambitious growth targets, Ambie needed a way of staying current with market developments in order to identify profitable opportunities for their business. With such a large pool of potential prospects, Ambie needed a way to prioritise brands most likely to be interested in their products and services.

LDC is the only business which tracks the occupancy and vacancy trends of over 600,000 retail and leisure units across Great Britain and therefore was ideally placed to support Ambie with market data and insights to support their growth.

Using LDC’s market data to prioritise prospect target lists

Initially, LDC provided Ambie with target lists which were pulled together using a variety of strategic metrics, including the location, size and profile of a brand’s portfolio. This information was provided to Ambie’s outbound sales function, who use these target lists to prioritise and organise prospects for sales campaigns based on numbers of stores or regional position. Access to this information meant that Ambie could target their sales and marketing campaigns better, increasing the impact and ROI of campaigns. Having data readily available in a format that could be ingested directly into Ambie’s internal sales mechanism decreased the time required to plan and implement campaigns, making the team more time-rich and agile.

Having accurate information on the size and rate of growth for an occupier is vital to Ambie’s sales function, as their commercial model is based on numbers of stores. As LDC tracks openings and closures of individual brands, target lists could be prioritised to focus on the fastest growing brands within any sector or sub-sector of the market. This information also allowed the sales team to forecast likely revenues from winning new business and to test whether targeting certain segments such as restaurants and bars delivers better results than clothing and fashion stores as an example. As LDC update their database daily using field-researched information, Ambie can be confident that the information they are using is the most comprehensive, accurate and dynamic available in the market. LDC data also identifies the brands owned by a parent company, allowing efficiencies to be made by the sales team; contacting a parent company as a first point of contact, or ensuring that each brand owned by a group has been contacted. This information also makes it easier for the sales team to add feedback and track activity across an entire group of brands – for example highlighting any businesses that have entered a CVA process and should not currently be targeted.

Supporting Ambie with strategic objectives

In 2017, Ambie extended their relationship with LDC and purchased a subscription to LDC’s location insight platform, LDO. This enables the team at Ambie to access the other vast data layers collected by LDC and allows them to review information on any brand at the click of a button. Target lists can be exported at a regional level, enabling the sales team to focus on geographies where it is seeing best results.

Having ready access to this data has streamlined Ambie’s sales function and has saved the team time and resource that would have been spent either researching information about prospects or approaching occupiers who were not appropriate. The sales team are now equipped with comprehensive market information which had led to efficiencies across the entire sales process all of which can be accessed at the click of a button.

The relationship with Ambie has continued to grow over the past few years and now they work closely with LDC to meet their strategic objectives. In the future they plan to continue to work with LDC to find new applications for LDC’s proprietary data that can strengthen Ambie’s proposition further, using location data to influence music choice.

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