What We DO

The Local Data Company's main objective is to track every high street, shopping centre and retail park across the UK to understand the physical retail landscape and gain visibility of any brand, portfolio or location going back to 2010.

We employ a team of 80+ people including field and desk researchers, data scientists, insight analysts and sector experts who work together to deliver powerful insights to any business that needs to understand the fast-changing face of physical retailing.

Meet the team

Why we are unique

We are the only business which employs a team of field researchers to physically audit the occupancy and vacancy of each and every unit across the country on a regular basis. Each day, the data from our field researchers is sent back to the office via our proprietary tech infrastructure for validation and is then uploaded into our database. Not only does this mean that we are extremely diligent in our data collection processes, but our data affords as close to a real-time view of the market as possible.


Our people

What truly sets us apart is our people. From our hardworking research teams, to our data analysts and scientists and sector experts, we are careful to make sure we employ people that will support the culture that we have carefully created over the past 15 years.
A huge part of this culture is flexibility, inclusivity and diversity with 56% of our employees being female (including 80% of our senior leadership team), 26% of staff having a non-British nationality and 20% of staff working part time.