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Local Data Online helps Retail and Leisure Occupiers with the following:

Identify New Locations

Identify new locations for your stores or restaurants and understand the health of the overall location.

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Analyse Existing Locations

Gain the ability to view all of your stores or restaurants in one place without having to physically visit each location.

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Track Your Competitors

Add your competitors to your dashboard and get instant insight to their current store locations and where they have expanded.

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Find out how Nationwide were able to understand the local retail environment of individual branches and build robust forecasting models with LDC.

Identify New Locations

Property is one of the largest costs to any occupier. So it is critical to make the right decision.

Using LDO you can quickly understand what has happened in a shop, street, town, shopping centre or retail park over time (back to 2008). Furthermore you can see demographic and catchment data for any location.

This information will help you identify new locations and make decisions based on evidence rather than gut-feeling alone.

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Analyse Existing Locations

LDO enables you to see what is happening around your stores, from drive time populations to competitors/proxies, vacant units and the proximity of competing locations. In addition, in partnership with Morgan Stanley, we have developed a Health Index, which is comprised of 12 key environmental variables that impact store locations.

By benchmarking your store performance to this index and understanding the situation from the ground up you can see changes across your portfolio which in turn leads to better sales/store profitability forecasting as well as improved decision making on store locations and profiles.

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Track Your Competitors or Proxies

By adding which competitors/proxies (you can add up to 20) you want to benchmark against you can immediately see each location’s profile across the country with options to refine down to regions or specific location types.

Our in-depth competitor/proxy analysis quickly and clearly identifies where your competitors/proxies are opening and closing near to you or indeed where you are not present. This delivers powerful impact analysis as well as flagging up potential locations you might not have previously considered or indeed avoid if your competitors have failed to succeed (closures).

In addition LDC tracks the density of competitors around your stores which further enables you to identify a tipping point in store performance and where it might happen next.

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  • As early adopters of this great technology, we use LDC’s footfall devices to gain an accurate understanding of footfall flows past our restaurants. We get a really valuable source of data which enables us to drill down into performance so that we can tailor our activity to each particular restaurant. For example, the granularity of the data enables us to accurately understand traffic flows during every trading hour and also to be able to compare across our estate - that’s very useful on so many levels. Over the past year, LDC have provided strong support and are always willing to take on our feedback to provide maximum value, resulting in a true partnership approach.
    John Upton, LEON
    Managing Director
  • BlueGem worked with LDC on our diligence for Jack Wills, a premium British fashion brand. The work was done to a high standard, delivered on time and presented with clarity and extremely helpful insight, layered on top of excellent data. We will surely work with LDC again and we would recommend them to any of our peers.
    Vishesh Srivastava, BlueGem
  • LDC data enhances our understanding of retail centres where we have a branch presence, helping to explain local variations in performance and adding value to strategic analysis.
    John Blunden, Nationwide Building Society
    Location Planning Consultant
  • LDC has helped us really understand a complicated independent specialist card sector by providing an excellent understanding of the current store estates and historical trends in this area. This has helped us make some big decisions about future business strategy and will really drive bottom line profitability. In addition to that the team are great and have been brilliant at answering queries quickly, accurately and timely. They are a real pleasure to work with.
    Hallmark NewWeb
    James Mackenzie, Hallmark
    Head of Category and Insight
  • LDC are always quick to respond and offer assistance where required to enhance their data feeds. This allows us to be very flexible and provide the best possible decision making support to our senior internal clients.
    John Clarke, Nationwide Building Society
    Location Planning GIS Manager
  • In 2015 Tesco signed up to work with LDC. Having used GOAD for years within Tesco and knowing that LDC support this, we knew the data would be about as reliable as we could get, unless we were to collect it ourselves, which for so many locations would be a mammoth and expensive task. LDC’s online system allows us to quickly initially assess high streets, retail parks and shopping centres from the desk, which is great if we haven’t been recently or the locale is new to us. The ability to see what’s there and what’s changing is valuable in understanding the dynamics of a location and how it is changing over time (albeit one should always visit in person after any desk based assessment!) A good example of our use of LDC was when we were considering where to trial with Arcadia. We were quickly able to sense check any overlap with their existing estate/cross reference with our own internal GIS, and look at the provision of fashion within various catchments. The LDC team have been great to work with; professional, helpful, supportive and always there to answer questions during the setup phase. I have been impressed by their passion and their knowledge.
    Tesco testimonial
    Emma Clarke, Tesco
    Head of Property Research
  • LDC is like having people on the street in every town whilst sitting at your desk – a rich mine of useful information. If you are wondering if your performance is reflective of the general trading situation, looking at nearby towns for trends or wondering about new locations, it’s a quick win providing independent verification without the cost of sending people out - and as an added bonus LDC are great to work with and quick to respond to change requests.
    Deltic Group
    Russell Margerrison, Deltic Group
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mamas & Papas worked with LDC on an initial strategy review for our London expansion. We needed granular and transparent data which would make it very easy for us to map out similar and competing brands, market health and to assess opportunities for the Mamas & Papas concept across the capital. The resulting data, maps and review workshop have helped prepare us for the next phase of our expansion and made a complex market much more straightforward to assess. We look forward to partnering with LDC again in the future.
    Jason Greenwood, Mamas & Papas
    Chief Financial Officer
  • The Local Data Company's physical walking of the streets is unique and clearly seen in the quality of its data. Their progress in what they can now offer in location decision-support and competitor analysis has been amazing, and is backed up with honest customer service - hence why we have entered a long term partnership.
    Michael Flood, John Lewis
    Customer Analysis


  • Location Overview

    With the Location Overview Dashboard you can begin to understand drivers of change within a centre and the differences between different locations within that centre.

    It also allows you to get a feel for the quality of the offer, the clustering and the mix of a location along with details and pictures of every shop.

    Furthermore you can view the demand profiles through demographic data such as employment profiles, average weekly earnings, crime rates, unemployment rates and house prices.


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  • Health Index

    The Health Index allows you can benchmark over 3,000 locations against a health index with 12 data inputs (catchment, spend, occupiers and vacancy rates) that correlates results to large, medium and small high streets, shopping centres and retail parks.

    It has been proven to be a robust proxy for location health to identify key trends over time and has been developed in partnership with Morgan Stanley.

    You can also bespoke the index to your specific business criteria and quickly analyse how your stores score and whether their locations are strengthening, stable or weakening.

    Location Health_Index LDC

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  • Interactive Maps

    The interactive map functionality brings the data to life and gives context to it. Here you can understand the relative importance of competing locations, clearly see clusters, identify prime pitch or see vacancy hot-spots.

    It is also possible to filter, zoom in or export any of the data you see on the map.

    Our ‘bespoke boundaries’ tool also allows you to create bespoke areas for analysis.


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  • Drive Times

    Quickly identify drive time catchments from a location by up to 10, 20 or 30 minutes drive time. You can also see where your other stores lie within these catchments, as well as the stores of your competitors or proxies.


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  • Benchmark

    Use LDC’s benchmark tool to see how prospective locations sit alongside your existing portfolio. You can also use the benchmarking tool to understand the potential impact of cannibalisation or competition along with other key variables such as health score, vacancy rates nearby and catchment population.


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  • Reports

    LDO has a wide number of reports that enable you, at the click of a button, to export detailed reports.

    Reports include detailed analysis of a retailer’s locations, town reports, gap analysis, competitor analysis, expansion opportunity reports and market reports including fastest growing fascia.

    All reports provide historical analysis in order to understand the trends happening across your current and potential locations.


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Information available to you

Health Score

Measure the vitality of a town or centre in terms of vacancy, anchor retailers presence, leisure offer and dwell time, charity shops presence and population per shop.

Direction of Travel

A key indicator for the ‘direction of travel’ in which a town or centre is moving, highlighting whether a town or centre is improving, stable or in decline.


LDC does not just rely on the data it collects in the field but also overlays a growing number of datasets to ensure you have the best insight upon which to make decisions.

Vacancy (200m)

This dashboard displays the vacancy rate vs. the number of units located within a 200 metre radius around a target location or asset within a town or centre.

Historical Vacancy

Average historical ‘Retail and Leisure’ vacancy combined for all High Streets, Shopping Centres and Retail Parks in which your store/selected fascia is present.

Persistent Vacancy

Persistent vacancy measures how long vacant units have been vacant for, by assessing the proportion of vacant units that have been vacant for a significant period of time

Classification Mix

The mix of businesses in a location determines its attractiveness. Benchmark these variances to similar but better-balanced locations.

Independents v Multiples

The ratio between independents and multiples determines the character of a town. Finding the right balance is key to the success of a town or location.

Proxy Retailers

Track proxy retailers (those retailers that are good to be nearby) and identify new opportunities based on previous experience and success.


Identify your competitors and see where they are opening or closing stores in and around your locations or even in locations where you have no presence.

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Our data is the most accurate and detailed data available on the market today. We update our data more frequently across more locations and in more detail than any other company out there.

Over 550,000 premises

We physically visit and verify over 550,000 retail & leisure premises across Great Britain on a strict 6-12 month cycle.

Over 3,000 locations

From the remotest locations in Scotland to the sprawling cities of Southern England we’ve got it covered.

1,000,000+ hi-res images

They say an image paints a thousand words – now you can see every detail from the comfort of your desk.

75,000+ updates per month

Our team of 70+ office and field researchers are continuously checking, verifying and updating our database.

Historical data back to 2008

Not only do we deliver the very latest data & insight on the retail & leisure market but we go back, way back to 2008.

Triple-checked for accuracy

As if physically visiting each unit was not enough, we triple-check every update back in the office for accuracy.

Nationwide coverage

Get the national view of the retail & leisure landscape by visiting thousands of high streets, shopping centres and retail parks.

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